Banya na Sadovom

агроусадьба Banya na Sadovom


3, Garden passage,Ratomka Village,Minsk district, Minsk region






2-storeid cottage named "Banya na Sadovom" is located in 4 kilometers from the capital city.

Описание номеров

The farmstead "Banya na Sadovom" has a capacity of 10 people. There are 3 spacious bedrooms, large living room, equipped with LCD TV and a stereo. You can also show your vocal abilities as the living room is equipped with a karaoke system. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary to live. Interior design of the house is in a modern style: the walls are made of decorative stone, wrought-iron staircase. Everything done to feel comfort and harmony. If you stay here only for holidays, our farm will give you energy for a long time.

Развлечения и спорт

How can you spend time here? It is impossible to rest in the country without barbecue! So, you can cook good meat using gazebo, barbecue and there are all facilities to create culinary delights, masterpiece. It will be delicious! There is a sauna in the "Banya na Sadovom". It is located on the first floor of the house and can be rented. It is good sauna with a room and large washer, two shower cabins, equipped with heated floors. You can come here just to warm up, and after you can overnight here. There are two bedrooms on the second floor. The territory of the farmstead is surrounded by high fence, it makes the terrritory closed. There is a guarded parking on the territory.
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Рейтинг санатория - 4,5 из 5:
  • близко к Минску;
  • здравница высшей категории;
  • SPA-центр;
  • питание - шведский стол;


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