Bobrovaya hata na nezharovke

база отдыха Bobrovaya hata na nezharovke


On the South of Minsk region, along the road P-57 Kutchino-Luban, Between Urechye and Liuban (20th km)






Beaver lodge is located on the south of Minsk region, along the road P-57 Kutchino-Luban-Vetchin, between Urechye and Lyuban (20th and 21th km) .It provides facilities for fishing, boating and catamarans to recreat alone or with your family, in company with friends.


  • bath-house,
  • pergola,
  • parking


Each cottage provides microwave oven, fridge, kettle. meal for an additional fee.

Описание номеров

There are two wooden cottages for 5 people each. Comfortable beds, sofas and other furniture beautifully combine modern trends of the hotel and home comfort. Cottages are equipped with toilets, showers and washbasins. There is also a comfortable terrace where you can enjoy fresh air and picturesque views.

Развлечения и спорт

Spacious bath house with separate male and female divisions is situated close to the cottages. Coming out of the bath house, you can sit in a cozy summerhouse, equipped with BBQ. It also offers a marina with boats and catamarans. A wide range of arbors, fireplace lounges are available for any company. There are three reservoirs where you can go fishing and catch a carp or grass carp.Underwater fishing is available.


For additional payment
  • fishing
  • fishing tackle and accessories rent,
  • boats and catamarans  rent,
  • Barbecue grills rent,

Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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База отдыха и рыболовства "Бабровая хатка" на р.Нежаровка располагается на юге Минской области, вдоль трассы Р-57 Кучино-Любань-Ветчин, между Уречьем и г.Любань ( 20 и 21 км) .



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