Dukorskiy mayentak

база отдыха Dukorskiy mayentak


Shkol'naya,15 str. he Dukora village, Pukhovichi district, Minsk region





History of Dukorskiy maentak and its owners is a kind of «terra incognita». All historical characters who visited and lived on "Dukorskiy Maentak"  at different times and eras are well-known people,and they put themselves on record. There are data of Aftanaziv R.,A. Urbanski, A Fedoruk, a series of owners -  Kezhgaylo family clan, Sapieha, Zawisza, Ahinskis.
today the owners of complex search for a new data which can to restore the real story of Dukorsiy Maentak and its owners. We opened up some interesting facts already, which denied many of previously known fact. However, to clarify everything it is necessary to spend lots of tome and energy.
Those who are interested in what has been already fond, we invite you to visit us to breathe this pure air and become a member of one of our excursions.


"Dukorsky mentak" is located 27 km from Minsk ring highway.


  • guest houses;
  • sauna;
  • "Korchma" cafe;
  • parking lot;
  • craft producers;
  • museum;
  • inverted house, entrance gates (Brama);
  • stables;
  • zoo


"Dukorskiy maentak" offers delicious dishes of the Belarusian cuisine and food in the cafe "Tavern" at a reasonable price!

Описание номеров

On the territory of complex there are five comfortable wooden guest houses with varying capacity and comfort. Each house has a fridge, a television in the living room, a cooler with drinking water. All homes are located near each other and there is a garden and a grill.
House №1 Designed to 6 people. The house has two bedrooms: one with a double bed, the other with a bunk bed, living room, bathroom and terrace. Spacious living room with a large pull-out sofa, desk, TV and a kitchenette with a set of dishes for 6 persons. Also the house has a large terrace, where you can not only fry meat on the grill, but also drink a cup of coffee at dawn.
House № 2. This house in the style of the 50s. The most unusual and interesting. If someone wants to remember the long evenings near the Russian furnace, then you here! The house has two large rooms, which has a double bed, two single beds and a sofa bed. Kitchenette with a set of dishes for 8 persons. Designed house up to 8 people.
House №3 The house has four rooms: a bunk bed in each room, where the first tier is double, the second - is single. Also you will find a bedroom, living room with kitchenette and bathroom. Kitchenette with a set of dishes 13 persons. Designed to 13 people. The house is compact and cozy, perfect for a large groups or families with children.
House №4 Designed for 8 people. This house has four bedrooms: three bedrooms with double beds, one with two twin beds, spacious living room with kitchenette and sofa bed. The house is ideal for pleasant evening with your family.
Home №5 Modern and spacious house with a maximum capacity up to 8 people. Divided into two "apartments". One half of the house is "studio" room in which there is a double bed, a kitchenette with a breakfast bar, a large bathroom; the other half include one bedroom, a large living room, which is a corner sofa bed, kitchenette. Each room has a double bed.


  • excursions around the complex;
  • horseback riding;
  • riding in the cart;
  • chasing souvenir coins; 
  • amusment rope park "Verevochnyi gorod" ;
  • attraction «Mayatnik»;
  • summer tent rent;
  • Russian sauna; 
  • a boat rental;
  • catamaran rental;
  • bicycle;
  • scooter;
  • badminton;
  • ball;
  • craft workshops.
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В двадцати километрах от Минска, в местечке Дукора стоит аутентичный комплекс «Дукорский маёнтак». Усадьба не простая, а с историей, которая берет



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