санаторий Energetik


Volpovsky village council, 21, Volkovysk district, Grodno region


from 8:30 a.m


till 8 p.m


The sanatorium «Energetik» is located in the picturesque pine wood, on the bank of Volpyansky reservoir, on the border of Volkovysk and Mosty districts in the Grodno region.

Лечебная база

The sanatorium has a modern medical base:

  • hydropathic office with the invigorating contrast bathtubs, different types of medicinal bathtubs and medical flourishes, an underwater shower massage, the SPA capsule, «cedar barrel»;
  • mud-medical office with curative sapropelic dirt;
  • offices of an aromatherapy, halotherapy, monitor cleaning of intestines, vertical underwater extension of a backbone, gynecologic, urological, reflexotherapies, ultrasonic diagnostics, dental;
  • physiotherapeutic office is equipped: 2 devices of variable compression therapy «Limfastim», the device of the general magnioterapiya «Magnitoturbotron Luxe», cryosauna, dry carbonic bathtubs of «Reabox"», etc.
  • office of oxygenotherapy and phytotherapy with fragrant curative herbal teas;

Along with manual massage different types of mechanical massage enjoy wide popularity among vacationers: 

  • massage on a massage chair;
  • massage on a massage couch;
  • contactless hydromassage.


On the territory of sanatorium there are: 
  • office of «Belarusbank»;
  • pharmacy; 
  • cafe-bar; 
  • grocery store 
  • hardware store.
  • cosmetology salon; 
  • parking.


Meals of vacationers is carried out in one shift in the beautiful modern dining room.
There are four meals a day with diets of B, P, N, D.
The dining room of sanatorium offers the wide range of the dishes. The convection oven allow to prepare food in the hot environment of the circulating air with an adjustable temperature and humidity of steam that impacts to dish the unforgettable taste. The range of vegetables and vegetable salads is presented in the form of «buffet».

Описание номеров

The sanatorium «Energetik» has:
  • 8 two-storeyed buildings with comfortable one-bed, two-beds, one-bed two-rooms;
  • 10 two-level cottages.

All numbers are equipped with modern TVs, connected to system of cable television, fridges. There is a access point of Wi-Fi in the administrative building, the foyer of inhabited buildings and cottages.

Развлечения и спорт

In the sports complex functions:
  • pool;
  • gym;
  • sauna complex (Russian, Turkish, Finnish).

The skilled instructors will train in the gym with the modern fitness equipment, will train in swimming, will help to choose correctly the mode of physical activity that your comfortable rest!
There is a playground, stadium for mim-football, works the rental center of sports equipment.

The various interesting cultural and entertaining events will give to your rest a special flavor.

In the auditorium of the cultural center there take place concerts of the famous Belarusian performers and collectives, musical and literary drawing rooms, shown films. In the spacious and cozy dance hall you will be able to plunge into the world of music and dances, to take active part in game, musical entertainment programs.  
Doors of library are always open for fans of literature where it's possible to choose the book to liking.
Show programs which pass in bar of sanatorium, national holidays and celebrations in the fresh air enjoy special popularity.


In sanatorium «Energetik» for fans of active rest are offered a various excursion routes, our land as one of the richest in Belarus by number of monuments of history, culture and architecture.

The next excursions are offered vacationers of sanatorium:
  • «The royal city – Grodno»; 
  • «A shrine of Grodnenshchina – Zhirovichi monastery»; 
  • «The August channel» and park zone of Korobchiсy; 
  • «The medieval castle of Gedemin»; 
  • «On Rossi's and Volkovyi coasts»;
  • Memorial complex «The Brest Fortress — Hero» and national park "Bialowieza Forest; 
  • «Сastles  of Radzivily».

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