Health care institution «Minsk regional center of medical rehabilitation«Zagorje»

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Zamostochye, village Zayamochnoye, Minsk district

«Minsk regional center for medical rehabilitation«Zagorje» is a specialized health institution offering early and late stationary rehabilitation of patients after severe disabling diseases and injuries: stroke, myocardial infarction, brain surgery, heart and vascular, orthopedic and trauma operations.


«Minsk regional center for medical rehabilitation «Zagorje» is located  20 km from the city of Minsk and the National Airport «Minsk 2», near the village of Zayamochnoe.

Лечебная база

In the «Minsk regional center for medical rehabilitation «Zagorje» can be done the medical rehabilitation for 180 patients in three departments:

  • cardiology (rehabilitation) department 60 beds;
  • neurology (rehabilitation) department 75 beds;
  • orthopedic and traumatology (rehabilitation) departments 40 beds.
The institution has sub-departments and rooms:
  • diagnostic,
  • receiving,
  • clinical diagnostic laboratory,
  • department of medical rehabilitation with physiotherapy room,
  • dental office,
  • baths, swimming pool. 

Hospital room of intensive therapy is located in the cardiology (rehabilitation) department   for 6 beds with non-stop post-doctor.

Rehabilitation programs

Rehabilitation programs are designed for patients ortopedotravmatologicheskogo profile of patients who underwent myocardial infarction, stroke, vascular surgery and heart, for people with a diagnosis of angina pectoris, peripheral nerve neuropathy, acute ischemic stroke, osteochondrosis. 

These rehabilitation programs are сreated by medical professionals and have for a long time to help recover after suffering the disease and significantly improve the quality of life for many people.  

Medical rehabilitation program after suffering a heart attack
Medical rehabilitation program of patients diagnosed with angina
Medical rehabilitation program after surgeries on the heart and blood vessels
Medical rehabilitation program at a peripheral nerve neuropathy


Описание номеров

Patients are placed in 1-2-3-bed rooms, 2 rooms in a block. Each room has a wardrobe, a spacious balcony in each block there are a separate bathroom and hall. 
There is a possibility to rent a TV and set-top box for receiving digital TV, fridge.

In the neurology department of the blocks consist of a 1-bed and 2-beds rooms, shower rooms are equipped with low shower trays.


«Minsk regional center for medical rehabilitation «Zagorje» provides the following types of non-medical services:
  • rent of the hall with a fireplace and a pool table;
  • visit to the gym;
  • bike rental;
  • lessons in the pool;
  • rest room.
Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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