Hotel complex "Strumen"

Hotel complex "Strumen"


Richevskaja str., 3, Turov, Gomel region






Hotel complex "Strumen" is located on the bank of the Pripyat River, which was glorified in legends. The Principality of Turov, one of the biggest principalities of Kievan Rus', was founded on the bank of the Pripyar River. The hotel complex includes comfortable hotel with a bar, two-storey cottage guest houses with all facilities and a sauna complex.


A  45-seat Cafe Bar is situated on the first floor of the hotel. In the Bar you can have a good dinner or organize different celebrations such as wedding, corporate party, birthday party or anniversary.

Описание номеров

The hotel has 2 single superior rooms and 7 double rooms which feauture shower, toilet, telephone, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.
The two-storey guest houses will pleasantly surprise not only by their appearance but also their interior. On the first floor there is a guest room with a dining room and a kitchen, which has everything needed for a pleasant stay. On the second floor there are 2 suites with a balcony, offering a beautiful view of the Pripyat floodplain. Guests can spend a moment enjoying this beauty while sitting in a rocking chair wrapped in a blanket and watching rare birds of unique Turov meadow. It is a real finding for ornithologists.

Развлечения и спорт

Sauna complex includes steam room, pool, billiard room, restroom, little kitchen and terrace for barbecue. Restroom is equipped with furniture which creates comfort and coziness and allows to accommodate from 10 to 15 people. It features a kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, all necessary utensils for recreation. To experience all sensations from visiting the steam room you can visit the pool.


Besides accommodation the hotel offers a number of additional services:

  • Here you can organize a picnic in the fresh air (to cook ukha and have a barbecue) on the bank of the river in a comfortable gazebo.
  • You can ride a bike, catamaran, rollerblading, play different games (volleyball, badminton, chess, checkers), in winter skiing is offered.
  • Fishing lovers can rent a boat with a gamekeeper. There is also a device for launching boats, special berths for small boats.
  • Themed excursions and walks along the river are organized too.

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