оздоровительный комплекс Isloch-park


SPP of Isloch, Rakov village, Volozhin district, Minsk region

Welcome to the territory of rest, beauty and health for all family!

The wellness complex positioning itself not only as the entertaining platform, but as the unique place for a full-fledged country rest and wellness for family. A rate on quality, not on the quantity and the European level of service favourably make him from among sanatoriums and other resting places!

If you appreciate high-quality family outdoor rest with a Spa treatments and programs of wellness. 
«Isloch-Park»  - is that's what you want!


The new wellness complex of the European level «Isloch-Park» is  located in the picturesque lonely place on the riverbank Isloch in the purest pine wood near the city of Minsk. The  territory of 26 hectares is equipped  with well-groomed paths, benches and arbors. 
The complex is located 25 minutes of driving from Minsk in close proximity to the ancient city of Rakov. It's possible to reach the Isloch-park complex both on own transport, and on public: at a stop from an underground station of Kamennaya gorka, there is a mini-bus «Minsk - Iveneс» to the station «Dom tvorchestva».

Лечебная база

The true pride of «Isloch-Park» is the water and thermal complex with the recovering Spa treatments, author's programs of rehabilitation and wellness services. You appreciate:

  • different types of manual and hardware massage, including on the heat desk in combination with thalassotherapy, mud wrappings, peelings and others a Spa complexes;
  • visit to an infrared sauna and visit of a pearl bathSharco shower, magnetotherapy and darsonval;
  • visite to the cosmetic study and other services.
All procedures occurred by highly qualified specialists and under their strict monitoring.


  • Free parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Thermal complex
  • Arbors
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant


Every morning «Isloch-park» welcomes guests in cozy cafe with a wide summer terrace, the with picturesque view of the pine wood and «Forel» restaurant. Light and stylish space, functional eco-design, distinguished combination of light tones in interior and bright decorative elements, a variety of dishes of the Belarusian and European cuisine, special fitness menu, children's menu and dishes by chef, all this create the atmosphere of the ideal rest!
The cafe comfortably accomodates about 50 persons. In warm season opens the wide terrace, and in cold season you will keep warm from fireplace,  and also will feel cosiness of country rest

Описание номеров

The complex is executed in ecostyle and had amazing atmosphere of calm and rest.
For comfortable accomodation of guest are offered a cozy hotel rooms and 4 two-storeyed guest houses equipped with all modern conveniences and LCD television.

The maximum capacity of complex to stay tonight - 85 people.

Развлечения и спорт

You can enjoy beauty of the local nature, during the family walk by sports bicycles or a trip for mushrooms and berries, rosting meat on a fire or sitting on a terrace, swimming in the pool or doing a Spa treatments – all this is directed to rebalancing!

At your disposal:

  • the spacious pool overlooking the pine wood;
  • the Russian sauna and the Turkish hammam.


At your disposal there are ample opportunities for a change of lonely country rest:
  • carefree rest in cozy cafe with a summer terrace;
  • rent of arbors for a barbecue;
  • rent of sports equipment;
  • free Wi-Fi.
Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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