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Сentralnaya street, 5v, Primorye village, Minsk district, Minsk region


2 p.m


12 p.m


«M-hotel» is the hotel-entertainment complex located near Minsk in the village Primorye, the Minsk district within 5 km from MKAD.
The hotel is a fine option to accommodation in the luxury rooms, including LUXE, and also for holding of conferences, business negotiations and other actions.


On the first floor of the complex «M-hotel» is located the cozy banquet hall. The unusual and stylish design is ready to compete with interiors of the real castles! Decoration of the hall is stylized under the ancient English small street with the original design. In finishing are used many details from a stone, a dark tree, forging and luxury textiles. All of this gives to the hotel solemnity and splendor.


A hot breakfast, tea and coffee are included in the room rate.
Breakfast time from 9 a.m till 12 p.m.

European cuisine is presented in the menu of the banquet room «M-hotel».

You can try delicious treat such as:
  • salad with smoked duck;
  • rolls from zucchini with cheese;
  • crostinis with a smoked salmon;
  • salmon's fillet on the test with spinach and cheese feta;
  • medallions from pork with potato hash brown and mushroom sauce and many others.
Besides in the banquet room there is a lobby bar.

Near hotel complex is located the famous cafe «At Puntus»  where you will be able to enjoy dishes of Belarusian cuisine and a perfect barbecue!

Описание номеров

To the services are offered 10 luxury rooms, 2 of which - are LUXE, and also 1 room is equipped for physically disabled people
The beautiful interior of hotel will present excellent mood and will help to plunge into a fantastic dream! Elements from a stone and a tree, a magnificent forged ladder and a cozy fireplace are used in the interior. Light spacious rooms are issued in classical style and equipped by all necessary. The cozy atmosphere and convenient furniture dispose to the rest and help to gain strength for new day!

The number of rooms includes:

  • 2-beds 1-room Standard;
  • 2-beds 1-room Comfort;
  • 3-beds 2-room Standard ( there are a special devices for accommodation of physically disabled people);
  • 2-beds 1-room Standard with extra bed.

In numbers of category «Standard» there are: heating, mosquito grid, case/clothes, shower cabin, toilet, LCD TV, towels, linen, table, Wi-Fi.

  • 2-beds 1-room Deluxe (18 sq.m);
  • 2-beds 1-room  Luxe (25 sq.m).

In numbers of Luxe range there are: heating, carpet, mosquito grid, LCD TV, case/clothes, hair dryer, dressing gown, toilet accessories, linen, towels, iron, ironing accessories, dining table, Wi-Fi. In the 2-beds 1-room Luxe (25 m sq.m) is equipped a seating corner.

Развлечения и спорт

Дополнительная информация

* The Penalty for smoking and drinking of alcohol in rooms, and also in the places which not envisaged for smoking — is 20 basic sizes according to the current legislation of Republic of Belarus.

The Penalty for loss of a room key – is  3 basic sizes.

The lodger recover compensate, in case of damage of property, according to a market value.

At accommodation in rooms till 2 hours in a row, room is paid of  50% of the room rate (except № 26,27).


  • organization of celebrations;
  • rent of the banquet room on 60 seats;
  • holding of conferences, business lunches, buffets.
Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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