Martinova Goose

агроусадьба Martinova Goose


Small Lyutsinka Village, Volozhin district, Minsk region






Martinova goose farmstead is situated not far from Minsk, in Naliboki Forest. It is a unique natural forest. Untouched nature and the rich culture of the region will be accessible in the museum, placed in the estate.In the rural homestead "Martinova goose" you can buy authentic souvenirs.


On the territory of "Martinovi Geese" is a small apple orchard, a field for volleyball and football, specially equipped playground for younger guests, a large covered area for dancing and other activities.


You will be offered homemade dishes prepared with care and love. You can also prepare yourself, using all necessary equipment.

Описание номеров

Guests are accommodated in a large wooden house, reminiscent of gentry manor of the XIX century. Here are 2 floors with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with shower (1 separate toilet). Accommodation is provided for 21 people in summer (at other times of the year - up to 16)

Развлечения и спорт

You can not only relax the body and soul in the farmstead, but also devote time to excursions, new knowledge and acquire useful skills. Starting this year there are master classes and seminars under the title "Our Strava". Visiting classes, you will learn the history of "dumplings with souls" (Zeppelin) and bulbyaniks, try to cook these dishes yourself, visit a dinner party, take part in a thematic quiz and get a certificate.
 You can go on an exciting "Volozhin goodies" bike tour. There are several variations of this popular cycle route; the easiest, about 20 kilometers long, starts and ends in the estate, passing on the edge of the Naliboki Forest acquaints tourists with some very interesting historical and natural attractions; more complex, about 45 kilometers, and a ring with start and finish in farmstead. Finally, the extended length of 150 kilometers, from the Bogdanov station to the Radoshkovichi station around the Volozhin district - manor is located approximately in the middle of this route, designed for 2 or 3 days. Look at Belarus through different eyes, open your heart to adventure and discovery!
   Master classes (together with the ecovillage "Dew") to create a traditional ritual doll that has incredible power, and for centuries served as a talisman for women is also recommended.
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