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поселок Грудичино, 9, Быховский район, Могилевская область






Sandy Beach is a real escape from the tiresome city. This is the place of extremely pure air, walk in a beautiful forest, tranquility and serenity. Farmstead is located in Chichevichi village, 175 km from Minsk. If you want to get to the recreation, take a ride to Klichev town. Sandy Beach is located about 5 km from there.

Описание номеров

Apartment combines true beauty of belarussian huts and comfort of european houses. Two-storied house is made of oak without help of any nails. The house has 7 suites, up to eight guests. Each room has a magnificent view over the vast expanses of Chichevichi countryside. The house has all the necessary appliances (refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle), as well as satellite TV and all kitchen implements. Recreation center Sandy Beach offers a holiday not only for lovers , but also for the noisy cheerful company in a circle of friends and relatives.

Capacity: 56 seats.

Развлечения и спорт

The recreation center has the opportunity to rest not only in the summer time but also in winter. You can ride in a sleigh in winter and lie on the warm sandy shore in summer. You will also highly appreciate the quality of bream  fishing. Local forest is just a godsend for the fans of hunting. After active entertainment you can take a steam bath in a real russian bath house. 

Private territory, BBQ, terrace with a large table are available. Two furnished, spacious rooms with the ability to sleep 8 people. All this is just 20 meters from the sandy beach. Sloping entry into the water, sandy bottom, volleyball facilities, pier for fishing, boat, covered gazebo with a terrace on the beach, room for 12 people with swimming pool. 

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Уютная база отдыха расположена в Быховском районе Могилевской области на берегу Чигиринского водохранилища, площадью 21,1 км2, в окружении соснового леса. <


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