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the village Podros' 58, Volkovysk district, Grodno region






The Sanatorium "Praleska" PLC" Krasnoselskstroymaterialy "is located in a green and hilly  coniferous and deciduous forests. Ecologically clean air, picturesque lake "Lazurnoe", a big variety of fish, a charming "Lunnyi ostrov" in combination with a divine natural landscape are look forward to you.

The favorable location of combined with each other buildings can accommodate 120 people and it allows you to take the advantage of all the resort infrastructure with maximum comfort during the cold season.

Лечебная база

Medicinal factors:

  • Climatotherapy: main methods of climatotherapy: aerotherapy, heliotherapy, forest's climate therapy.
  • Mud therapy: sapropel mud of the lake Dikoe of Dyatlovo distict Grodno region (freshwater, pH = 7,4). Muds are applied in form of: mud bathes, topical applications. 
Medical premises and equipment are located in: aqua clinic, the main building:
Diagnostic base:
  • computer diagnostics (an electropunctural testing according to vegetative resonance test, complex «AMSAT»)
  • ultrasound diagnostics (an ultrasound machine «SonoAce 8800»)
  • electrocardiography (ECG machine «Shiller Cardiovit»)
  • methods of functional diagnostics: ECG, ultrasound – diagnostics, echocardiography. 
Curative base:
  • aromatherapy (phytotron «АGED-01»)
  • an altitude chamber ( an altitude chamber «БЛКС-303 МК»)
  • Dry carbonic bathroom («Reabox» (2 p), horizontal)
  • pearl bath;
  • bathes ( therapeutical baths (4 p.) -  pine, salt,  turpentine, with peat oxide; herbal aromatic «Antistress», «Vosstanavlivayuschaya», «Myshechnoe rasslablenie», «Toniziruyuschaya», «Svobodnoe dyhanie»)
  • turpentine bath (yellow and white emulsions)
  • halotherapy
  • mudtherapy (peloidotherapy) (sapropel mud, procedural couch (3 p.))
  • curative douche (rising, circular, rain)
  • underwater massage (bath «Vod-56»)
  • inhalations (aerosoltherapy) (inhalers «Nebulizer» (4 p.))
  • compression therapy (system «Lympha-mat»)
  • criotherapy (machine «Cryotur 600»)
  • laser therapy (machines «Rikta»)
  • physical training (medicineballs, hoops, weights and more)
  • magnetotherapy (machines «Ortospok», «Gemoskop», «Unisрok», «Olimp»)
  • apparat massage (machine«HIVAMAT», massage couch «Nuga Best»)
  • manual massage (couch (3 p.))
  • paraffin-ozokerite therapy (couch (4 p.))
  • oxygenotherapy 
  • SPA-capsule (capsule «Sun Spectra Color»)
  • light therapy («Bioptron», «Bionik», UFO)
  • dentistry (therapeutic )
  • gym (mechanotherapy) (velosimulator, беговая дорожка, силовые тренажеры)
  • phyytotherapy (herbs (7 видов): hypertensive, vitamin, sedative, gastric, hepatic, articular, antidiabetic)
  • fish-SPA
  • nordic walking
  • electromudtherapy (machine «Potok» (3 p.))
  • electrotherapy (machines «Romashka», «Iskra» (darsonval), «Ampliimpuls», «UZT», «Potok», franklinization)
Working specialists:
  • cardiolog
  • neurologist
  • dentist
  • therapist (3 specialists)
  • doctor of ultrasound diagnostics (2 specialists)
Medicinal complex programs:
  • "Moi vyhodnoi den'" (3 days)
  • "Razgruzi pozvonochnik" (12 days)
  • "Ya priehal v voskresenie" (1 day)
Additional medical services for a charge:
  • ultrasound
  • turpentine bath
  • therapeutical baths
  • dry carbonic bathrooms
  • intramuscular injections 
  • halotherapy
  • mud applications
  • therapist's consultation
  • magnetotherapy
  • massage
  • mechanic massage on a massage couch
  • mechanic massage on massage chair
  • thermotherapy in a SPA-capsule
  • pneumatic compression
  • underwater massage
  • ultrasound therapy
  • EKG


Till the 1st January 2006 the resort is able to treat all categories of people, parents with children from 5 years. It employs highly qualified personnel and medical base meets all the requirements.

Tours are available at any time: a week, ten days, a month. In addition to the treatment and rehabilitation week-end tours, business meetings, corporate events, seminars, presentations, sport camps can be organized.

Every year thousands of patients go to the sanatorium "Praleska" to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, nervous system and respiratory system.

  • barbeque area (pavilions, brazier)
  • Disco hall(120 seats, is located in the main building)
  • TV (6 channels)
  • Gym (272 м², the main building)
  • Table tennis 
  • Pond
  • Boat station
  • beach
  • parking (20 seats)
  • Rental office (balls, brazier, sleigh, ski, kettle, iron)
  • Payment terminals (infokiosk without  cash-out transactions , the main building)
  • Swimming pool (72 м², with water slide, with hydro-massage, jakuzzi)
  • Beauty parlor (facial, mask, massage,  eyebrow shaping, cup and vacuum massage, roller and vacuum massage (machines «Breast Care» and «Equipment SA-F06»))
  • Barbershop (residential building, the 1st floor, haircuts, styling, hair dyeing, highlight)
  • Sauna (8 persons, session - 1 hour)
  • Solarium (1 stand-up sunbed)
  • Shop (foodstuff, the main building, 1st floor)
  • Cafe («U mudroi sovy», 40 seats, 15.00 - 23.00; live music - fr, su, a day-off - monday)
  • Library (the main building)
  • Billiards (russian, 2 tables, the main building, 2nd floor)
  • Winter garden (1st floor of aqua clinic).


4 meals a day, dining room is located in the main building on the first floor .
Dining room: 1 hall for 120 seats.
Invalid food:
  • Diet № 01,
  • Diet № 05,
  • Diet № 09,
  • Diet № 10,
  • Diet № 15.
Additional menu: menu for request (from the second day), vegetarian menu, banquet menu.
There is air-conditioning.
Catering is organized in 2 shifts
  • Breakfast: 09:00 - 10:00 
  • Lunch:     13:00 - 14:00 
  • Afternoon snack:16:00 - 16:20 
  • Dinner:     18:30 - 19:15
  • The second dinner (kefir) is given during the dinner 
Note: during off-season catering is organized in 1 session.

Описание номеров


  • double (sleeping building) 1 extra bed is possible: shower, toilet, sink / TV, fridge.
  • double in block (2+2) (the main building) 1 extra bed is possible: shower in block, toilet in block, sink in block /TV in a room, fridge in block.
  • two-bedroom double suite (the main building) 2 extra beds are possible: shower, toilet, sink / microwave, TV, iron, fridge, kettle.
  • single in block (1+1) (the main building): shower in block, toilet in block, sink in block /TV in a room, fridge in block.
  • three-bedroom double suite (sleeping building): shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette (tableware, kettle, microwave), TV, fridge.

Развлечения и спорт

  • Entertainment evenings,
  • Dance nights,
  • Entertainment programs;
  • Concert programs,
  • Movies,
  • Billiards,
  • Biking,
  • Table tennis,
  • Boating and catarafts;
  • Volleyball, basketball, badminton,
  • Excursions.


Water storage "Lazurnoe", total area 7,4 km²
Sandy beach, private cabins, toilet
Boat station (rowboats, catamarans on a bank of the lake during summer).

Дополнительная информация

A year of foundation - 1986
A year of reconstruction - 2006
Category, based on results of certification: the second
Accommodation facilities - 120 beds .
Дети принимаются на основное место с 5 лет, treatment is provided to children from 5 years of age
Total area - 15.0 hectares, the territory is fenced and secure
The sanatorium "Praleska" is located: from Volkovysk - 8km, Grodno - 68km, Minsk - 254 km.


  • billiards,
  • bike rental,
  • darts rental,
  • catamaran rental with tent,
  • boat rental,
  • brazier rental with tent,
  • basketball rental,
  • volleyball rental, 
  • badminton equipment rental,
  • kettle rental, 
  • table tennis. 
Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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Рейтинг санатория - 4,3 из 5:
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  • путевки: с лечением, оздоровлением и выходного дня;


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