детский реабилитационно-оздоровительный центр Svitanak


Pogost-Zagorodskiy village, Pinsk district, Brest region






Children's Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre "Svitanak"  is located in 40 km away from Pinsk. This picturesque place occupies a beautiful shore of the water reservoir (the area of 1616 ha). Wonderful lake Pogost also near with the teretory of our center. This lake is famous for its abundance of fish and birds. Also there is a quiet little river Bobrik. Our guests are always inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as pleasantly pleases the presence of beautiful beach and boat mooring station. This is a great place to go fishing, to organize a trip by boat or catamaran.

The center is located in a pine forest, which is known for its clean air, which is so lacking in the city. Delightful nature, extraordinary beauty of lakes and forests, the birds sing around, fully furnished and comfortable accommodation, proper diet, medical treatment, sports activities, excursions - these are the best conditions for treatment and good rest.

According to the decision of the Republican Commission of state certification of the sanatorium organizations rehabilitation center "Svitanak"  received the first category.

Лечебная база

The center is equiped with the modern medical equipment of the best foreign producers (Japan, Israel, Germany, Slovakia). Diagnostics and treatment is carried out at a high level.

Main directions: 

  • Tthyroid disease;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Respiratory diseases;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diseases of the skin;
  • Functional disorders of the nervous system.

Physiotherapy is presented by electrophototherapy, thermotherapy, electrosleep, laser therapy. There are a lot of herbal teas in our juice bar.
Hydropathic is the pride of the our Center. It is equipped with the best slovakian equipment. Here you can go to the famous underwater shower-massage; enjoy pearl, oxygen, pine, salt, whirlpool baths. Also medicinal and carbonic baths.Rejuvenate your skin and get rid of many ailments you can in the phytosaunas "Cedar barrel".

Halochamber and speleokabinet are actively used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and ENT pathologies.


Everything in the center is is located compact and convenient. Medical building, dining room, buffet, cinema and the school are connected with the resedential building №1.


There is a great dining room for 400 people in this center (Large and medium dining rooms and small banquet room).

Balanced meals 6 time a day with a traditional Belarusian cuisine. There are seafood, fruits, fresh vegetables, juices, food with radioprotective properties in menu.

Constantly operating diets:

  • Diet № 5 - Recommended for diseases of the liver and gall bladder;
  • Diet № 7 - recommended for kidney disease;
  • Diet № 9 - recommended for patients with diabetes;
  • Diet number 15 - Recommended convalescent and healthy people, also for people who dont need a special diet.

Описание номеров

Vacationers can choose between private and block rooms. Block rooms consist of rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people, with the bathroom and WC, corridor and dressing room. Rooms have all the necessary amenities.

Развлечения и спорт

  • Sport complex. There are a variety of simulators, billiards room, sauna, swimming pool, recreation room;
  • Sports Town;
  • Children's playground;
  • Tennis court;
  • Volleyball and basketball pitches;
  • Mini-football;
  • Trails for morning runs and walks;
  • Children's playrooms;
  • Tourist trips on certain routes;
  • Excursions;
  • Camping in specially equipped places, areas for barbecue;
  • Bath and sauna.



Beach on the lake Pogost.

Дополнительная информация

The auditorium is constantly hosts various cultural events. Local creative groups perform here, entertainment evenings and discos also organized here. There is a library with a reading room.

School is opened here, and it is a great opportunity to combine study and recreation for children.

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