агроусадьба V Strusto


Strusto, Braslav district, Vitebsk region






The house is located in the village of Strusto. It is quiet, peaceful place, there are  150 m to the lake.
Up to 10 people can live here. Braslav is situated in 7 km. There you can visit the market an shops.

Описание номеров

In the house there are 4 bedrooms (2,2,2,1+1) and 2 big rooms (1 with a fireplace, and the other with
a TV and sofas). There is a bathroom with a shower and hot and cold water. You can rest in a spasious veranda.
There is everything for cooking and cating in the kitchen. 

Развлечения и спорт

In the yard there is a summerhouse, a grill, a swing, a fireplace.
There is a boat "Kazanka." 
The house is close to Moyak Hill (the highest view point in Braslav area), Okmenitsa spring with healing water.
Not far from the house there cages with wilg animals.
For people who love fishing there is a pit (25 m deep) 300 m from the shore of the lake is 13 sq. km.
Next to the house there is parking place (for 3-4 cars).
Without pay:  teeter, summerhouse, grill, parking place, beach.


In Braslav lakes occupy 10% of the area. This place is surrounded with many forests and ins´t far from Baltic sea, anyone can visit Daugaupils, it is in 47 km from Braslav.
Fishing is allowed with small boots with boats with outboard motors up to 15 hp.

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Усадьба «В Струсто» расположена в деревне Струсто. Тихое, спокойное место, до озера 150 метров. До Браслава 7 км, где можно заехать на рынок и в магазины.



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