агроусадьба Veres


Kozlovichi Village, Zelva district, Gomel region






The farmstead "Veres" is located in Kozlovichi village , Zelva district, Grodno region. Guests are welcome to visit the famous architectural monument such as Synkovichy fortress church. Zhirovichi Holy Assupmtion monastery, Kosovo and Ruzhany castle, Slonim are 20 km away.


The farmstead "Veres" provides all you need to active holidays and for productive work any time of the year.


A modern tavern desighned in national style will offer its visitors any culinary delights, specialty of the house or any dishes on request. The tavern includes two halls - for 30 and 120 persons. Magnificent weddings, anniversary or corporate supper , excellent Birthday party or an intimate dinner y the fireplace can take place here. Provide place for business events - conference hall, Internet Wi-Fi.

Описание номеров

There is a beautiful 3-storeyed building with all facilities where up to 14 people can enjoy comfortable living conditions. Also the farmstead provides private apartments near cafe for couples. The Cottage "Farmer" is designed as for groups, as for individual guests with capacity of 20 people. This is 6 -floors building, three of them have WC with shower cabin. The Underground floor has a small room, a sauna with a swimming pool (capacity 5 persons). Also a large bath with toilet and bidet are there. Guests can use an automatic washing machine. The first floor. There are a room, a kitchen with fridge, oven and microwave, Russian stove.The kitchen has separate guest exit. The second floor: Lounge with a fireplace and a bedroom suite. The third floor. There are a hall, bathroom with shower, 2 bedrooms. It is possible to get extra bed in the hall. This floor has an exit to big balcony with lake view. The forth floor. There are one bedroom and a lounge. It is possible to get extra bed in the hall. The fifth floor. There are a living room with a double bed. This floor has an exit to big balcony with lake view. Apartments. All rooms are located close to the "Huntsman's Hall". Each room has direct exit to the lawn. There is a covered terrace. Each room has its own bathroom. Apartment №1: Bridal suite with lawn view. Apartment №2: Family Suite: Bedroom and a huge living room. Bed,oven, TV. The living room provides access to the terrace. Apartment №3: Family apartment. This room provides access to the terrace (covered terrace shared with apartment №2), also the entrance to the apartment directly from the room №2 (entrance may be closed at the request of guests). New apartments. All rooms are located close to the "Huntsman's Hall" and indoor shopping mall. There is a covered terrace, each room has a private bathroom. The first floor. Apartment 1: In front of the door a covered porch are. There are three beds. The second floor is a covered terrace and a shared area. In front of the room is a covered terrace. Apartment №2:Mini-kitchen (7 m2), bathroom (8 m2), double bed, sofa bed. Apartment №3: Double bed, sofa bed. Apartment №4: Private entrance with covered porch. Double room.

Развлечения и спорт

The main interest of the guests is to the desighn of tavern, guests houses and landscape. Here you can enjoy a nice arboretum with more than 250 species and varieties or trees and bush. Guests from the city and the fans of exotics can feast their eyes on swans, peacocks and pheasants, riding on a horse or sleigh, fragrant barn, bee apiary, three ponds. For fans of "light steam" we have a beautiful sauna near the pond. We can organize trips to Synkovichy fortress church (diamond of Belarusian architecture), Zhirovichi Holy Assupmtion monastery, Kosovo and Ruzhany castle, antient town Slonim, palace of the Sapieha in Ruzhany. We do it by minibus up to 24 persons.
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Усадьба "Верес" расположена в деревне Козловичи, Зельвенского района, Гродненской области. Недалеко от усадьбы есть памятник архитектуры – Сынковичская церковь. В 20 км – Жировичский монастырь, Коссовский и Ружанский замки, город Слоним. 



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