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Raduzhnaya street, 3, village Kosteni, Postavy district, Vitebsk region






The center is located near the village Kosteni, Postavy district, 5 km from the district center Postavy, between the famous resort areas - Naroch and Braslav lakes, in a pine forest.

Лечебная база

Working specialists:
  • therapists
  • pediatrician
  • physiotherapist
  • ENT doctor
  • ophthalmologist
  • doctor - reflexologist
  • Surgeon (traumatologist - orthopedist)
  • psychiatrist
  • neurologist
  • psychologists
  • Dentist

  • Massage of neck area 
  • Massage of the upper limb, shoulder girdle and scapula area
  • Massage of the shoulder joint 
  • Massage the elbow joint 
  • Massage of the wrist joint 
  • Massage of hand and forearm
  • Massage of the chest 
  • Back massage
  • Massage the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall
  • Massage the lumbosacral region 
  • Massage of the back and loin 
  • Massage cervical-thoracic spine
  • Massage the lower limbs
  • Massage the lower limbs and waist
  • hip Massage
  • Massage of the knee
  • Massage of the ankle
  • Massage of foot
  • Full body massage (in infants and young children)

  • douche (rain, circular, rising, horizontal)
  • stream, contrasting douches
  • underwater massage
  • pearl baths
  • contrast baths

  • Ultraviolet irradiation;
  • Laser, magnetic therapy;
  • Laser irradiation, magnetic-laser irradiation;
  • Fotohromotherapy, ocular techniques.


On the territory of the rehabilitation center, the total area of which is 34.2 hectares, there are three residential buildings (two buildings with 70 beds and one with 110), an administrative building, medical building, a school, a dining room, bath and laundry and household complexes, leisure center, children playground, sports complex, which includes an indoor sports arena and an outdoor playground with artificial surface.


Catering at "Vetraz'" is organized differentialy for groups of children: 3-6 years, 7-14 years, 14-17 years, taking into account the physiological nutrients and energy needs. Six meals a day. An approximate set of dishes for each meal:

1. appetizer (fresh vegetables, meat, cheese)
2. Cereal
3. Egg (cottage cheese, meat) dish
4. A hot drink (tea, coffee drink, cocoa)
The second breakfast
1. Fruit or pastry
1. appetizer (salad)
2. Soup
3. Meat, fish or poultry
4. Garnish
5. Drink
afternoon snack
1. Drink (juice, milk, juice)
2. Baking or sandwich, cookies
1. appetizer (salad)
2. Cereal or vegetable dish
3. Fish, meat, egg or cheese dishes
4. A hot drink (tea, juice)
The second dinner
1. Kefir product or yoghurt or fruit yoghurt
2. Biscuits or wheat bread

Foods such as milk, butter, sugar, meat (poultry), bread, cereals, fresh vegetables, juices (nectar) are included in the daily diet. Fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream - 2-3 times a week. Food does not include products with a spicy taste, fatty (mustard, vinegar, pepper, potato chips, spicy croutons, bacon, soft drinks). Children with diseases receive individual treatment with diet food processing (cutting, mash, stewing, steaming), we have all necessary equipment for this purpose. Daily vitamin C fortification is held (drinks, soups).

Catering is held in the cozy dining room. The tables are for four people. Tureens (saucepan) are for every table. Vegetable salad and juice (fruit compote) are served on the table until children's food is served. Dishes are changed on the order of their consumption.

Описание номеров

Department of Medical Rehabilitation №1 (two storey building №1) is located in the beautiful natural forest. It is designed for 24 hour rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of children with 55 beds. Children live in 2- and 3-bed block type rooms with bathrooms. On each floor there is a game room with TV, a nurse post. On the second floor are staffroom, a treatment room, a methodical room, a teacher's room.

Department is designed for 55 beds, 25 of them - cardiorheumatological profile and 30 - pulmonary profile. 
Health improvement of children of 6-16 ages. A teacher, who work with them, introduces to  children a health regime and monitor its execution. Educator organizes cultural leisure of children in the form of entertainment activities, class hours, contests and quizzes. In the summer, on the basis of department works a summer camp where take a holiday children from all over the Republic of Belarus for a fee.
Department of Medical Rehabilitation №2 (Two storey building with rooms №2) is located in the beautiful natural  forest. Department is designed for 24 hour rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of children of 6 - 16 years old. It is designed for a 30-beds trauma and orthopedic profile.

Rehabilitation treatment is carried out in accordance with the republican protocols on an individual plan under the supervision of a physician. Children livie in 2- and 3-bed block type rooms with bathrooms. In the rooms are single beds, wardrobes, cabinets, desks (in the three-bed rooms) and chairs. Windows oriented to the South (92%). Each floor has a game room with TV. The building is equipped with a refrigerator, pay phone, intercom. The nurse post is on each floor of the building.

Near the building are: playground, soccer field, volleyball and basketball courts, table tennis. Educator organizes cultural leisure of children in the form of entertainment activities, class hours, contests and quizzes.
Department of Medical Rehabilitation №3 – 3-storey building with 25 beds. Each floor has a block system of residence. In block are 2 rooms, 2 and 3-bed with private toilet and shower. Each floor has a game room with TV, DVD center. Games Room is for educational activities and games. All rooms are equipped with corners for information posting. Also, on each floor there is a treatment room, staffroom, a nurse post, a teacher room. For drinking regime, on each floor there are water coolers. There is a payphone.

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation №3 has 25 beds of neuropsychiatric profile (for children with organic damage of the central nervous system and mental disorders, including 5 beds "Mat' i ditya").

Развлечения и спорт

The health center " Vetraz "has the following sport facilities:
  • outdoor sports arena / playground with artificial surface (artificial grass) 28m X 51m.
  • outdoor sports field with artificial surface (crumb) for volleyball 18m X 9m.
  • a sports center with an indoor sports arena for football, volleyball, basketball, 12m x 23.5 m. 

Инфраструктура для детей

The favorite place of boys and girls in our center is a "Tsentr Dosuga", where in a cozy disco-hall are held fun activities, themed discos every day. The hall is equipped with all necessary equipment, lighting, etc.

There is a large hall with 260 seats. Big stage, where everyone can show their talents in contests, such as "Otkrytie i zakrytie smen," "Miss Shlyapka", "V gostyah u skazki", "Konkursy klipov", "Show Man," "Super Nyanya ", " Prosche prostogo ", etc. There is a multimedia equipment that allows to watch films  for children.

We, the workers of the center always welcome those, who wish to sing, dance, and all talented boys and girls!!! "Vetraz" is waiting for you !!!

Дополнительная информация

In our rehabilitation center for parents, who visit their children,we can provide you with hotel rooms for 1 night for a charge. For longer term the tour should be purchased, according to it adults can also be accommodated in these rooms.

  • single rooms
  • double rooms
  • Double Suite (available: two single beds + double sofa, TV, kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, tableware, kettle), bathroom (hydromassage shower, bidet))

There is free parking for personal vehicles.
Additional services:
  • a concert hall with 200 seats
  • wi-fi (access point in the lobby of the administrative building, included in the price)
  • library
  • laundry service for personal items (extra charge)

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