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Sanatornaya street 55A, Pochapovo village, Pinsk district, Brest region






The Republican sanatorium "Yaselda" is located in 10 km away from Pinsk, Brest region, near the Polesia marshes named "Lungs of Europe". There is a river Pina in 300 meters away from the sanatorium. It is surrounded by a shaggy firs, lush maples and modest ash trees, fruit trees are located in a courtyard, on the whole territory of the sanatorium located lawns, flower beds, decorative bushes, 3 artificial ponds and a summer dance floor.

Лечебная база

Medical-diagnostic base:

  • Cabinet of ultrasound diagnostics for the detection of diseases of internal organs, thyroid and heart on the machine Aloka-3500 wich was made in Japan;
  • Functional diagnostics room with computer ECG on cardiographs "Kardiovit-AT1" and "Kardiovit- AT2» from Schiller company (Switzerland);
  • clinical and biochemical laboratories equipped with modern automatic glucose analyzer (from Germany) and turbidimetric coagulator;
  • Express - diagnostics of helicobacter pylori infection with breathing technique, used in chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.
Physiotherapy treatment
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Mudbath;
  • Dry carbon bath "Reabox";
  • Halocomplex;
  • Inhalatorium;
  • Consultations of narrow specialists: physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, psychotherapist, neurologist;
  • Hand massage;
  • Sliding vacuum massage;
  • Electrostatic massage;
  • Mechanical massage on chair and couch;
  • Therapeutic recreation pool.


  • two resedential buildings;
  • administrative wing;
  • dining room for 150 people;
  • hydrotherapy building;
  • diagnostic and treatment building;
  • an assembly hall and a dance hall.
All buildings are connected by transitions, created barrier-free environment for people with disabilities.


Meals 5 times a day.

Описание номеров

There are 2 residential buildings in the sanatorium, which are connected by trransitions. Rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Each building has an elevator. We are offer rooms on the ground floor for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. Here are rooms designed for guests with disabilities: large shower rooms are equipped with handrails and folding chair for the shower, tile floor covered with a safe coating.
In each room you can find TV, telephone for internal communication, combined bathroom with a shower cabine, refrigerator (stipulated at the order) loggia.During the summer we offer rental sunbeds. With them you can sanbathing not only on the territory of the sanatorium, but also on the balcony or your room or on the open loft.

Развлечения и спорт

  • billards room;
  • table tennis;
  • wireless Wi-Fi internet интернет Wi-Fi;
  • entertaining programme;
  • excursions,
  • dancings.


  • billards room;
  • table tennis;
  • wireless Wi-Fi internet;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • stretching the spine,
  • mud therapy,
  • electric treatment,
  • laser therapy,
  • inhalation therapy,
  • halocomplex,
  • sauna and contrast baths,
  • mini-sauna,
  • different types of massage (hand, mechanical, vacuum, electrostatic),
  • dry carbon baths,
  • acupuncture,
  • intestinal hydrotherapy,
  • shock wave therapy,
  • curative swimming pool with water park elements,
  • jacuzzi,
  • ultrasound machine.
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