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Ratomka village, Minsk district, Minsk region






Sanatorium "Yunost" is located on Minsk Sea, in 73 km away from the national airport "Minsk",in 20 km away from Minsk, in 14 km away from Minsk Ring Road, in 12 km away from Zaslavl, in 8 km away from Ratomka village, in 4 km away from railway station "Ratomka", in 300 m away from public transport station.

Лечебная база

Medical base of the sanatorium consists of diagnostic and medical bases.

Diagnostic base:

  • laboratory diagnostics (clinical and biochemical laboratory tests: full blood count, urinalysis, urine tests according to Nechiporenko method, biochemical blood test);
  • electrocardiography;
  • Holter monitoring;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • functional diagnostics (rheoencephalography; rheovasography);
  • consultation of narrow specialists (therapist, physical therapist, neurologist, physician ultrasound diagnosis, dentist, cardiologist, reflexologist, ultrasound doctor, beautician);
Medical base:

  • hydrotherapy: modern water-sports complex with swimming pool, waterfalls, geysers, jacuzzi. Baths: iodine-bromin, coniferous, pearl, turpentine, whirlpool, herbal, sapropelic. Healing showers: Charcot, circular, Vichy shower;
  • hydrocolonotherapy;
  • dry carbonic bath;
  • carbonic baths;
  • local cryotherapy;
  • kinesiotherapy (underwater vertical spinal traction);
  • spinal traction;
  • laserpuncture;
  • Carboxytherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • massage (manual, hardware, on thermorelaxation complex "Relax", multifunctional massage couch with infrared light, massage chair, vibratory massage, underwater shower massage);
  • mud treatment (mud wraps);
  • thermotherapy (paraffin/ozocerite baths, dry air sauna, Turkish and infrared);
  • electrophototherapy (galvanization, medicinal electrophoresis, ultratonotherapy; visible radiation, polarized light irradiation, general and local ultraviolet irradiation);
  • magnetotherapy (general and local);
  • ultrasound therapy (phonophoresis, low-frequency ultrasound therapy, microwave resonance therapy);
  • reflexotherapy (classical, auricular, pharmacopuncture, hirudotherapy);
  • inhalation therapy (herbal, oil and medicinal inhalation; aromaphytotherapy);
  • biodetoxication therapy;
  • speleotherapy;
  • diet therapy;
  • fototherapy, photorejuvenation and photoepilation;
  • functional SPA-capsule.

Natural curative factors.

The combinations of decidous-coniferous forest and pond creates a special microclimate. It is make possible to use climatotherapy and phytoaromatherapy in sanatorium treatment. There are three equipped beaches for sun/air baths and for swimming in fresh water. 

Balneotherapy: bottled water "Borovaya" for drinking.
Galvanic mud therapy: sapropelic curative mud from lake Sudobl (Zhodino, Minsk region).

Visitors of the sanatorium "Yunost" can enjoy a modern water-sports complex, which was opened in 2008.

Complex's services:

  • swimming pool 25*9 m (waterfalls, geysers, water cannons);
  • children's pool;
  • jacuzzi;
  • Turkish and Finnish saunas;
  • gym;
  • sports hall (all necessary equipment for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis);
  • phyto-bar "Piramida";
  • Therapeutic and rehabilitation services.

Sanatorium regime for each visitor should be fully individual and contribute the best effects of resort factros on vacationist and considering the strict schedule of sleep, movement, meals, procedures. Depending on the general condition of the body this regime can be gentle and coaching. Sanatorium primarily used coaching regime which oriented on more complect using of medical complex including climatic and other medical factors of the resort.

Clinical nutrition – an integral component of treatment of digestive diseases. It is unacceptable to rush while eating, overeating. In terms of sanatorium treatment visitor need to learn the basic principles of diet therapy in order to use them at home.

Physical education in medical prophylaxis plays an important role. Physical exercise is beneficial to the diseased organs and systems, training and renewing their function, contribute to the rapid recovery. Medical and hygienic gymnastics, light sports, walks offered to people of all ages.

Terrenkur (dosed therapeutic walking) is very popular among visitors. This "walk" increases the tone of the body, strengthens the muscles of the heart and respiratory muscles, improve lung function and blood circulation, contributes to the saturation of oxygen to tissues and organs.


  • swimming pool 25*9 m (waterfalls, geysers, water cannons), children's swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish and Finnish saunas (water-sports complex);
  • gym (water-sports complex);
  • sports hall (all necessary equipment for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis);
  • billards room (building "Morskoy");
  • SPA-center (building «Morskoy»);
  • barbershop, manicure and pedicure rooms (water-sports complex);
  • cafe «Cherniy Lebed» (building "Morskoy");
  • bar «Mercury» (building "Morskoy");
  • phyto-bar «Piramida» (water-sports complex);
  • stores of food and industrial goods (building "Morskoy");
  • pharmacy (building "Morskoy");
  • conference hall (building "Morskoy");
  • auditorium (building "Morskoy");
  • library (building "Lesnoy", 1 floor);
  • currency exchange office and a cash machine (hall in the building "Morskoy");
  • safe deposit boxes (building "Morskoy", reception; water-sports complex, reception);
  • internet, Wi-Fi (hall in the water-sports complex, building "Morskoy" 3,4, 9-12 floors, building "Lesnoy", access cards - at the cash department  in building "Morskoy");
  • internet (building "Lesnoy", 1 floor);
  • tour desk (building "Lesnoy");
  • beach (changing cabins, sun loungers, parasols);
  • children's room (building "Lesnoy", 1 floor);
  • playground;
  • rental service (sports equipment - in the water sports complex, board games - in the department of cultural work, equipment for barbecue - from the administration at the entrance to the sanatorium, kettle, iron - from the maids);
  • household room (washing machine, dryer, ironing board (building "Lesnoy", 3rd floor);
  • Parking with video surveillance.


Sanatorium restaurant has two dinning rooms: for 220 seats and for 80 seats. Located on the first floor of the building "Morskoy". Individual waiter service.

The sanatorium offers new form of meals organization - buffet breakfast system. Now, for the duration of the meals "Smachny stol" will work for you.

Type of meals: diet menu, vegetarian menu, personalized menu.
Meals 5 times per day.

As the pleasant addition the bar,where you can find a tea map with a great selection of herbal tea. Also we offer snacks and soft drinks. 

Also we have our own bakery. All baked products made from natural ingredients by experienced confectioners.

Описание номеров

The sanatorium offers the following types of rooms:

Building "Morskoy" (12 storey building):

  • single room: a set of furniture, a single bed (0.7 m), TV, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. Extra chair-bed.
  • single room "King size": a set of furniture, double bed (king size), sofa, TV, telephone, hairdryer, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. WI-FI. Extra sofa bed.
  • single room "Single": a set of furniture, double bed, sofa, TV, telephone, hair dryer, ironing board, iron, dryer, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC, WI-FI. Extra sofa bed.
  • twin room: a set of furniture, twin beds (0.7 m), TV, hairdryer, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, bath / shower / washbasin / WC. Extra sofa beds.
  • 2-bedrooms junior suite: a set of furniture, double bed (king size), dressing table, sofa, TV, telephone, hair dryer, ironing board, iron, air conditioning, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC, WI-FI. Extra sofa beds.
  • 2-bedrooms suite: a set of furniture, double bed, sofa, TV, telephone, hairdryer, air conditioning, clothes dryer, ironing board, iron, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / 2 bathrooms, WI-FI. Extra sofa beds.

Building "Lesnoy" (9 storey building):

  • single room: a set of furniture, bed (1.4 m), bedside table, desk, chair, TV, telephone, refrigerator, dishes, electric kettle, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. Without extra beds.
  • twin room: a set of furniture, twin beds (0.7m), TV, telephone, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. Extra sofa beds.
  • double room: a set of furniture, double bed (king size), bedside tables, dressing table, desk, telephone, hair dryer, television, wardrobe, refrigerator, crockery, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. Extra sofa beds.
  • 2-bedrooms junior suite: a set of furniture, double bed (king size), dressing table, sofa, table, TV, telephone, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, refrigerator, dishes, balcony, shower / washbasin / WC. Extra sofa beds.
  • 2-bedrooms suite: a set of furniture, double bed, sofa, TV, telephone, hairdryer, air conditioning, clothes dryer, ironing board, iron, dishes, balcony, bath / washbasin / toilet. Extra: sofa- bed.

 Wi-Fi: in hall and on 3,4,9-12 floors of the building "Morskoy", in the building "Lesnoy", hall in the water-sports complex (for a fee, access cards in cash department in the building "Morskoy").

Развлечения и спорт

One of the most important feature - focus on a family vacation! We offer a large swimming pool 25x9 m, it is designed with the latest trends: waterfalls, geysers, water cannons. Nearby is a children's pool for our younger guests. In addition, pools are harmoniously connected with other parts of the complex: Russian bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam and an infrared sauna. Also here you can find gym and sports field for team games and tennis. 
Constantly hosts various concerts, dance parties, discos and other leisure activities for all tastes. In addition, your attention is invited to an interesting excursion program, because Belarus is a country with a long history. The program includes a visit to the ethnic complex "Dudutki", which is a museum of folk arts and crafts, a tour "In the historical places of Belarus" and much more.

Инфраструктура для детей

Children are admitted to the sanatorium not younger than 3 year old accompanied by an adult (parents, guardians or other persons at the request of the legal representatives of the child, certified by a notary public). Treatment also is provided for children not younger than 3 year old. Children room with a teacher-educator is available on Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:30.


Сhanging cabins, sun loungers, parasols.

Дополнительная информация

Minimum duration of stay according to the sanatorium voucher is 12 days.


Treat yourself to circumnavigate the SPA-journey into the world of exquisite care, seductive scents and relaxing procedures, immerse yourself into the atmosphere of peace and harmony, relieve from stress and fatigue, get a boost of energy and good mood. SPA area is made in the old Slavic style: there are all shades of brown, themed paintings, birches and stucco. Interior colors - natured, the smell of thyme is taken as a basis.
And much more, specially created to make a person not only healthy, but also handsome.
Working hours: everyday from 08:30 to 22:00.

Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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