III International Festival "Crossway. Minsk"

III International Festival "Crossway. Minsk"

More than 2000 talented children will become participants of the III International Festival "Crossway. Minsk". Collectives not only from large cities, but also from small places will arrive to Minsk with their leaders and parents to present schools and centers of children’s art..

Representatives from more than 10 countries will arrive in Belarus specifically represent their countries: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Georgia and others.

3 largest concert venues of Minsk will host participants of the Festival. And "Prime Hall"(http://primehall.by), one of the biggest and prestigious concert venues, will become "the heart of the festival". Exactly here all the winners and laureates will be awarded, and the Gala concert of the III International Festival "Skryzhavanni Minsk" will take place here as well. Inside of the venue unique scenery with use of plasma screens and modern technologies will be built for the festival. It will help to transform the space of the concert hall into the unique world of creativity and children's dreams.

More than 20 jury members from 7 countries will be invited The international jury of the Festival is more than 20 invited judges from 7 countries of the world, for each direction of art a separate jury is formed. At the Festival open vote of the jury members is applied.

"Heart of the Festival" is a place which receives all the information about the events at the festival and where "Winner Hall" will be organized, a solemn ceremony when all the winners and laureates of the Festival will be awarded. The main organizing committee of the Festival is "Crossway.Minsk" will be there and you will be able to communicate not only with organizers of the Festival but also with the judges of the Festival.

Venue : Minsk
Contacts: +375-44-7363952, +375-29-7363952 +375-17-2078436
fest@waveideas.net, materiali@minskfest.by


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