All Saints Church


Leninskaja str 99, Turov, Gomel region

All Saints Church in the town of Turov was built in 1801 by Archpriest Antony Loiko. Until 1930 its purpose was to do memorial services. The main sight of this church are two 2-meter stone crosses, which according to the legend sailed upstream in Turov from Kiev. Among them was also a third cross but his traces are lost somewhere in history... Some believe that the third cross is the stone cross that literally grows in the cemetery just outside Turov.

Wooden All Saints Church, built in 1810 is located on one of the central streets of modern Turov - on Leninskaja street. This church was built as a traditional religious building by local craftsmen. It is rectangular in the plan, has the main room and the altar. Initially the church was covered with tent, crowned with onion heads and crosses. After reconstruction in the 1980s, the tents were replaced with gable roofs, and a small bell tower with a tent roof was attached to the western side.

The church interior is also very modest, its central part is a two-tier iconostasis, decorated with exquisite carvings by craftsmen of Turov. There are a lot of ancient icons in the church, some of them until recently were completely dark. Gradually they were updated. 

There are stone crosses on the right side of the entrance  and the altar, they are the symbols of faith and the subjects of worship by the Orthodox Christians. The legends persistently link their origin to the period of Christianization of Turov Lands. They say that these crosses sailed upstream along the Dnieper and Pripyat from Kiev, they stopped near the town and then the water was colored with blood. Perhaps this interpretation is connected with sometimes forced spread of Christian faith among the heathens.

People have called these crosses "naked" in contrast to the stone crosses in the villages of Veresnitsa and Pogost, there were built chapels. Crosses are of over two meters height and slightly less than a meter in width.

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Городище Древнего Турова


   На Замковой горе на месте каменного храма, разрушенного землетрясением 1230 года, открыта скрипта "Древний Туров". На археологической площадке, накрытой стеклянным шатром, представлены остатки городища, древнее оружие


Туровские кресты


   В старой части Борисо-Глебского кладбища в последние годы ХХ столетия из-под земли начал появляться каменный крест, с выщербленной поверхностью, имеющий неострые концы. Жители Турова считают, что этот крест излучает тепло


Церковь Всех Святых в Турове

г.Туров ул. Ленинская, д. 99

   Церковь в честь Всех Святых в г. Турове была построена в 1801 году протоиереем Антонием Лойко. До 1930 года она служила в основном для совершения заупокойных служб.
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