Church of the Intercession

Church of the Intercession


village Bogino, Braslav district, Vitebsk region

The Church of the Intercession in the village Bogino was built in the end of the XIX century. The exact date of the construction is unknown, but presumably the church was built (or sanctified) in 1892 because there is a date “1892” made of stones in the churchyard.
The hostilities took place near the village Bogino during the First World War. In honor of the soldiers and officers of the Russian army who died there during the war, the memorial plaques were set up near the church.
The Church of the Intercession in the village Bogino was built in retrospective Russian style. The composition of the monumental building includes the bell tower, the narthex, the prayer hall and the apse.
The Church is covered with hip roof with onion domes. On the roof along the main axis of the temple there are two wooden terraces decorated with carved valances.
In the church there are old icons: "Mother of God with Child" (18th century, transferred from the church in village Kozyany closed in 1967, Braslav district), "Saint George" and "Saint Joseph with the child" (created in the 18-19 centuries).
The Church of the Intercession in the village Bogino may be of interest to tourists, it can be included in tours in Belarus or tours of military-patriotic themes in Belarus. Eco- and agrotourism are well developed in Braslav Lakes, the church in Bogino can be visited as one of the attractions of Belarus during recreation.

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