Ded Moroz' Estate


Kamenyuki village

In 2003, the National Park "Bialowieza Forest" opened a new tourist attraction - Belarusian Residence of Ded Moroz, which marked the beginning of a new tradition of celebrating the New Year holidays for children and adults.Now guests have a chance to stay in comfortable hotels and guest houses, to taste the dishes of Belarusian cuisine, take a walk along the ecological paths, to obtain a wide range of entertainment services, have an opportunity to immerse themselves with the world of fairy tales.
Residence of Ded Moroz is located in the forest depths in protected forest surrounding on the territory where bisons came to eat in the early winter. The total area of ​​the estate is 15 hectares. The residence includes the Ded Moroz Residence with the throne room and an office on the ground floor, bedroom and balcony - on the second. On the terrace of his home Ded Moroz greets guests with his granddaughter Snegurochka. House of Snegurocka is located nearby and is more modest. There is a "Skarbnitsa" - gifts store, as well as letters, drawings, photographs and crafts which children sent to Ded Moroz. There is also a museum of Ded Moroz, it collects antiques.
At the entrance guests are greeted with two wooden knights - Dub - Dubovich and Vyas-Vyazovich. On the residence territory a windmill, a magic water-well and a number of other fantastic objects are built. There is a pond where Tsarevna-Lyagushka rows. Residence is decorated with numerous sculptures of the fairy tales heroes - Buratino,pike, goat, rabbit, bear and others. Sculptural groups and composition of wood on the motives of fairy tales "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "12 months" are built on the territory of residence. Each month has its picture which corresponds with its horoscope symbol. According to legend, if you touch 'your' months and make a wish, it will come true.

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Достопримечательности Беларуси

Поместье Деда Мороза

д. Каменюки

В 2003 году на территории Национального парка ”Беловежская пуща” открылся новый культурно-туристский объект -резиденция белорусского Деда Мороза, которая положила начало формированию новой традиции встречи новогодних праздник


Беловежская пуща

д. Каменюки

Национальный парк «Беловежская пуща» - один из крупнейших туристических центров Республики Беларусь. На территории парка находятся: музей природы, вольеры с животными, комфортабельные отели и гостевые домики, ресторан, спортивн

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