Gatovsky Estate


Isaeva str, Krasny Bereg, Zhlobin district, Gomel region

The landlord estate existed since the beginning of the XIX century. A lot of different families owned it including participants of the Dekabrist uprising in 1825 and of 1863 uprising. Lieutenant-General Gatovsky bought it in the 80s. Soon he gives the estate to his daughter Maria as a dowry for the wedding. Her husband Vincent Kozell-Poklevsky became a man who determined the fate of the estate. Famous european architect E. Shreter was invited to construct the palace. Warsaw Gardener Frantishek Shanior from Warsaw designed the park. Thanks to their efforts the estate radically transformed. The complex included the estate, outbuilding, distillery, and a magnificent park with a garden, with birch and linden alleys behind the brick fence.

During the Second World War there was located German hospital and then Red Army hospital. Largely because of it the estate was not destroyed.

English park near the palace with walkways is a perfect place to relax. It is especially beautiful at the time of the "golden autumn", it pleases guests with beauty, warmth, richness of colours. Mainly coniferous grow here: spruce, larch, fir. There are also oaks, lindens, chestnuts and exotic trees such as red spruce, basswood, phellodendron amurense, walnut. Trees have been planted so that evergreen and deciduous species combined. All plants are carefully chosen based on the colour of foliage throughout the season. Near the estate the waters of the quiet river Dobasna flow. From the garden through the park to the river the channel is dug, it can be overcome by three bridges.

Architecture of the estate combines the features of neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance, some experts even see some Arabic.

Now the estate is located on the territory of the agricultural college. But the manor it is not involved in it. A museum of the estate art will be opened in the estate after the restoration.

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Усадьба Гатовского

Жлобинский р-н, ул. Исаева, 16

Помещичье имение существовало с начала XIX века. Его владельцами были разные люди, в том числе участники восстания декабристов 1825 и восстания 1863 года. В 80-х годах его приобрёл генерал-лейтенант Гатовский.


Мемориальный комплекс "Красный берег"

д.Красный берег Жлобинский район

   Мемориальный комплекс,  посвященный детям-жертвам Великой Отечественной войны, был открыт 28 июня 2007 года в деревне Красный Берег. Памятник расположен в яблоневом саду деревни, в которой находился один из крупнейших д

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