Historical and cultural reserve "Zaslavl"

Historical and cultural reserve "Zaslavl"

Historical and cultural reserve "Zaslavl" was founded by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR of December 31, 1986. It was created on the basis of complexes of immovable historical and cultural monuments, interconnected historically and landscaped and representing a special scientific, architectural, artistic and cultural value. The additional word "museum" appeared in its name only in 1997 in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR "The announcement of the historical and cultural reserve "Zaslavl" as historical and cultural museum-reserve "Zaslavl". Later, in accordance with the Decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee of 23.07.2001, it was renamed to the State Institution "Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl".Today, the historical and cultural museum-reserve "Zaslavl" is a complex system of objects and protected areas, united historically, thematically and functionally. Under the protection of the reserve there are 113 hectares of the ancient part of the city, where you can find such historical sights as the ancient settlement "Zamechek" (a monument of archeology of the 10th-12th centuries), the ancient settlement "Val" with the former Calvin collection (a historical and cultural monument of the 11th-17th centuries. ), Burial mounds of the 10th-11th centuries, the church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (second half of the 18th century). There are about 16000 museum items stored in the museum-reserve funds, which are formed 22 different collections.
Recently, the list of museum objects of the reserve has been enlarged. In July 2004 in Zaslavl the first museumification of a long-term fire point on the CIS territory was realized, and in September 2005 the first exposition in our country dedicated to the Belarusian mythology - Children's Museum of Mythology and Forest . Within the framework of long-term prospective projects, the museum-reserve is going to actualize the questions of the museumification of the ancient settlement "Zamechek" and the Castle of Zaslav.
Expositions - Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Zaslavl 
Exhibition Hall: "The Hall of Tapestries" - the author of the exhibition Stashkevich A.B.
Exhibition Hall: "Music of the Evenings" - dedicated to folk musical instruments, the author of the exposition Berberov V.Kh.
Exhibition Hall: ethnographic complex - mill (authors of the exhibition are Krasnov A.M., Manko V.V., 1990), house of the carrioners (the authors of the exhibition are Krasnov A.M., Manko V.V., 1992), smithy (the author of the exposition Kostyukevich M.I., 1994) and barn (author of the exhibition Kostyukevich M.I., 1997).
Excursions - Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Zaslavl
Excursion "Museum and Exhibition Complex" (45 min.): The excursion route passes through three halls. In the tapestry hall you can find works of Belarusian artists Olga Demkina and Yuri Piskun. Their tapestries "Rogneda" (1991), "Prayer" (1992), "Polotsk bells" (1991) are devoted to the history of Zaslavl and Polotsk. The exhibition hall "Music of the Evenings" presents musical instruments that existed in different regions of Belarus. Instruments are combined in orchestras and during the tour it can be heard in the recording. One room is reserved for temporary exhibitions.
Excursion ethnographic complex "Melnitsa" (45 min.): The excursion includes visiting the following objects: a steam mill with the preserved technological process of grinding grain; cottages of the zavoznik (hotels for peasants) with a recreated interior; barn - space for grain; forge, where you can find all necessary tools and devices for the blacksmith work.
Excursion "Children's Museum of Mythology and the Forest" (45 min.): The museum's small room is divided into two sectors. One of them represents a forest inhabited by mythological creatures. Sculptures of bolotnik, leshy, domovoy and other characters are placed here. Another sector of the museum is an ordinary forest with its real inhabitants. Presented are stuffed roe deer, hare, squirrel, crow, eagle owl, thrush, and others.
Excursion "Zamechek" (45 min.): Visit to the monument of archeology of the X century. An ancient settlement "Zamechek" is the place of the foundation of the city of Zaslavl. A powerful fortification was built by Vladimir of Kiev for his wife Rogneda and the eldest son of Izyaslav. Here Rogneda takes Christianity and tonsured into a nun under the name of Anastasia. In 1992, on the days of the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the Polotsk Diocese, a memorial sign (a stone cross) was erected on the site of the ancient settlement.
Excursion "Val" (45 min.): The excursion route passes through the old part of the city. Includes an overlooking of the market square with an architectural monument of the XVIII century - the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary; of the monument of archeology of the 11th - 16th centuries - ancient settlement "Val" with a monument of architecture of the XVI century - the Calvinist collection, which now is the Orthodox Transfiguration Church.
Excursion "Long-term fire point" (45 min.): Visit to the defensive structure of the 30s of the 20th century, erected along the Soviet-Polish border of 1921-1939. In the original restored building, the real situation of such structures is reproduced.

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Историко-культурный заповедник "Заславль"

Историко-культурный заповедник «Заславль» был основан постановлением Совета Министров БССР от 31 декабря 1986 г. Создан на основе комплексов недвижимых памятников истории и культуры, связанных между собой исторически, ландшафтно


Спасо-Преображенская церковь

ул. Замковая

Спасо-Преображенская церковь - памятник архитектуры ренессанса конца XVI - начала XVII вв. Строилась она Николаем Глебовичем на территории Заславского замка в окружении валов как кальвинистский сбор.

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