Holy Assumption male monastery

Holy Assumption male monastery


Sobornaya street, 57

Holy Assumption male monastery is a Orthodox male monastery in Zhirovichi village. The first monastery is mentioned in documents in 1587. First mention of this monastery in documents was in 1587. In 1609, the monastery was transferred to the Uniates, from 1613 belonged to Bazilians. In 1828 Lithuanian theological seminary was created on the basis of the monastery and Minsk seminary in 1945. Today 35 monks live in this monastery 35 monks, operates a hotel for pilgrims. 
Modern monastery ensemble was formed in XVII-XVIII century. Here was built Holy Assumption Cathedral, Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God and Church of the Elevation of the Cross, bell tower, the seminary, outbuildings, planted a garden, the complex is surrounded by a stone wall. The architecture of the monastery ensemble combines Baroque, Rococo and Classicism features
The appearance of this monastery happened thanks the miraculous appearance of the icon of the Holy Virgin. In the spring of 1494 the young shepherds went deep into the forest, and there among the thick branches of a wild pear have seen wonderful glow that emanated from the small icons. They reverently removed the icon from the tree and brought it into the house of their master Soltan, telling him about the extraordinary circumstances of the amazing find. He did not pay much attention to the story of the shepherds and indifferently put the icon in a casket. Only in the evening he told to the guests about the discovery of the shepherds, and wanted to show the icon. But after opening the casket, he did not find it. On the following day the shepherds come to its original place and saw again the same icon in the glare on the pear. They brought it to the boyar again. He perceived th miracle of God, took relic with reverence and went to the place of its appear. After praying, he made a vow to God to build here the temple in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Subsequently, people started to arrive here in search of monastic life, and monastery was formed.

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Жировичский Свято-Успенский мужской монастырь - мужской православный монастырь в д. Жировичи. Впервые монастырь упоминается в документах в 1587 году.

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