Leonpolskaya Estate


Village Leonpol, Miory district, Vitebsk region

Leonpolskaya Estate of Lopatinski family is a monument of architecture of the second half of the XVIII - early XIX centuries. The Estate included the house, Landscape Park and outbuildings. The channel goes around the estate from west and south. Landscape Park was planted behind the palace on the two terraces.

The village Leonpol is located in Miory district, Vitebsk region on the bank of the river Western Dvina in 11 km from Latvia border. This estate relates to one of the most famous noble families in Belarus - Lopatinski. Brest governor Nikolai Lopatinski arrived in Churilovichi in the middle of the 18th century; he decided to build the summer residence here and changed the name of the village that he did not like to Leonpol - in honor of his father Leon Lopatinski, the hero of the Turkish war.

During almost a century, this place was transformed beyond recognition and has become a family estate of Lopatinski.

The Italian architect Genu was invited in Leonpol for the construction of the estate; he completed construction of the palace in the Baroque style in 1750. Nikolai transported there the whole family archive, the old library and an art gallery, which his ancestors began to collect. Around the estate he planted a park in the French style.

Near the entrance to the estate there is a plaque in memory of Lopatinski family.
In contrast to the traditionally accepted U-shaped construction of the palace, layout of the Lopatinski estate is freer. The relatively small main building occupied a central place in the ensemble; it is located between the front yard and the park. A greenhouse known throughout the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was next to the estate. 226 pineapples, 127 fig trees, 124 orange and lemon trees, pomegranates, laurels and other exotic plants grew in the greenhouse.

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