Museum-Estate of Frantishek Bogushevich

Museum-Estate of Frantishek Bogushevich

Museum-Estate of Frantishek Bogushevich "Kushlyany" was founded in 1990. Every person has the place which purifies and strengthes him. Firs of all it is a place where he was born. But for all bearusians Kushlyany in Smorgon district is also native. Because Kushlyany gave the force to Frantishek Bogushevich and he made our name "belarusian" and our language more powerful. His poetry collections "Belarusian Dudka" and "Belarusian Smyk" started national revival of belarusians and restoration of Belarusian statehood. Frantishek Bogushevich in conditions of slavery and lawlessness felt himself as a free man and started rescue all the people of Belarus with his poetry from slavery.
In 1990 Literary-Memorial Museum-Estate of Bogushevich was opened. His house which was built in 1896 has been preserved. His family bought this estate in 1749 and it was used until 1940. Also the old park was safed here. Today estate gives the opportunity to present how aristocratic manor was looked like in XIX century. After walking along the paths and alleys you will feel yourself as free nobleman with a high sense of patriotism and dignity. In the house are exhibited things that are impregnated with energy of Bogushevich: desk, chairs, manuscripts and so on. Not so long ago medalions of Bogushevich's family took their place in this exhibition. In this medallions to the energy of Bogushevich joins the power of relics of saints that was brought by his family from pilgrimage places at different times. This medalions protect his family from diseases and miseries for a long period of time. And now these sacred things have healed the spiritual wounds for those who came to the house to pay their respects and honor to famous compatriot.
Also here you can find the exhibition of tools and objects of everyday life of Belarusian peasants of the late XIX and early XX century. Not far from the house located Lysaya Gora where according to legends was a pagan temple. This place calls you to conversation with souls of Dziady which in our myths lives here, protect us and care about us.

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