Museum of Local Lore in Soligorsk

Museum of Local Lore in Soligorsk


Lenina street, 5a, Soligorsk, Minsk region

State cultural institution "Museum of Local Lore" was created in Soligorsk, Minsk region in 1976, and was opened for visitors on August 11, 1984.
Internal design of the museum as drifts in the mine: the ceiling is understated, fixing blocks are visible, the edges of the side windows are rounded, their color is orange-red (the color of rock salt).
The main section of the exposition is made up of five subsections, formed according to the thematic-chronological principle: "Primitive communal system in the territory of the Soligork region", "Ethnography", "Our land in the years of socialist transformations (1917-1940s"); "Our Territory during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)", "Post-war restoration and development" (1945-1958), "History of the city of Soligorsk."
A separate room of nature and ecology consists of 5 sections: "Geology", "Seasons", "Animal World of Wildlife", "Red Book and Ecology", "Entomological Collection".
In the museum There are some collections in the museum: archeology (stone tools of labor 2-1 millennium BC), ethnography (household items of peasants XIX - early XX century, objects of folk weaving), art (icons of the late XVIII - XIX centuries). In its funds the museum has a unique object: "Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the BSSR No. 173".

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Солигорский краеведческий музей

улица Ленина, 5а, Солигорск, Минская область

Государственное учреждение культуры  «Солигорский краеведческий музей»  был основан в городе Солигорске Минской области в 1976 году , а открылся он для посетителей 11 августа 1984 года.
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Памятник Владимиру Ильичу Ленину в городе Солигорске

Солигорск, Минская область

Памятник Владимиру Ильичу Ленину расположен рядом с центральной площадью города Солигорска Минской области, на пересечении улицы Ленина и улицы  Козлова.

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