Transfiguration Church in Zaslawye

Transfiguration Church in Zaslawye


Zamkovaja str, Zaslawye, Minsk region

The Transfiguration Church is a monument of Renaissance style of the end of XVI - early XVII centuries. It was built by Nicholai Glebovich on the territory of Zaslawye Castle as Calvinist Cathedral. It was a temple of a defensive type with massive walls, arrowslits and bell tower.

The building looked stern and severe, but in the XVIII century it was rebuilt and its architectural appearance became lighter. On the west side of the church there is a high 35-meter tower with six storeys of arrowslits, the ground storey is square and other floors are octahedral. There are two entrances in the tower: north and south, the north entrance is used only for ceremonial occasions. The family tomb of the town owners was in the temple. It was located in two crypts under the altar part.

The interior of the church is modest and simple. The walls and vaults were never painted. The Calvinist Church was closed in the XVII century, in the 60s of XIX century the building was turned  into the Orthodox Church.

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Историко-культурный заповедник "Заславль"

Историко-культурный заповедник «Заславль» был основан постановлением Совета Министров БССР от 31 декабря 1986 г. Создан на основе комплексов недвижимых памятников истории и культуры, связанных между собой исторически, ландшафтно


Спасо-Преображенская церковь

ул. Замковая

Спасо-Преображенская церковь - памятник архитектуры ренессанса конца XVI - начала XVII вв. Строилась она Николаем Глебовичем на территории Заславского замка в окружении валов как кальвинистский сбор.

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