Mountain-skiing sports complex in Logoysk


Logoysk, Minsk region

The Republic of Belarus has its own "Switzerland" - picturesque place not far from Minsk. It is a wonderful corner of nature with an attractive relief near the city of Logoysk. Unusual picturesque alternations of numerous hills, ridges of different sizes, fields and meadows, surrounded on all sides by forests, fascinate the view. The natural beauty and clean energy of these places attract true connoisseurs of life.
A prosperous ecology, picturesque forest tracts, including pine, coniferous, birch groves and oaks, are intoxicated with the smell of fresh wood and cast an atmosphere of originality. The dedication of the exterior and interior of the whole infrastructure to the Old Belorussian style make this place unique, and the exquisite service and highly qualified staff will make your stay unforgettable.
Skillfully using the natural relief and modern technologies, the Belarusian builders created here the first in the history of Belarus mountain skiing health-improving complex, which by its characteristics is not inferior to the famous European resorts. In January 2004, the grand opening of the complex, titled in tune with the nearby city - "Logoysk", took place. 

Favorable location.
The M3 Minsk-Vitebsk route, or, as it is often called, the Vitebsk route, connects the capital of Belarus with the northern part of the country. This road belongs to the category of republican roads of the first category. You should go to Vitebsk direction from Minsk, and after 35 kilometers you will see direction signs to the Logoysk Ski Complex.  
This is an excellent place for individual, family and corporate recreation, holding ceremonial events of various scale. In addition, this is a great place for business seminars and meetings, presentations and conferences.
The infrastructure of the complex allows you to spend time here not only in winter but also in summer. A distinctive feature and main advantage of this place is the compact location of service facilities in the territory, the immediate proximity of the ski slopes to the restaurant, hotels, rental offices.
At your disposal: 

  • The hotel complex. It includes a hotel, guest houses and guest chalets. The hotel has 24 double rooms with all amenities (satellite TV, telephone), a winter garden, a billiard room for two 12-foot tables, a 24-hour bar. Two guest houses (6 triple rooms in each house) will please guests with a picturesque view of the ski slopes of the complex. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, TV, telephone. 9 chalets are made in traditional style and combine high comfort and unique Belarusian color. Here are all amenities, satellite TV, telephone, electric kettle, dishes, refrigerator, summer terrace.
  • The restaurant "Gastinny Mayontak".The restaurant  attracts visitors with the original wooden architecture that combines the prestige of the modern restaurant and the unique Belarusian flavor. The interior of the restaurant is executed in the style of "country": "Gastinny Mayontak" reproduces the Belarusian hut with its attributes (oven with antique utensils, embroidered tablecloths, cast-iron pots, etc.). The division into three halls allows the client to choose format of consumption of food which he want: restaurant service, bistro or a banquet. And the reason for visiting this hospitable place can be absolutely anything - it can be a business meeting, a friendly party or an excursion into the Belarusian culture and gastronomy. Belarus has always been famous for its rich culinary traditions. Culinary specialists of the restaurant do not yield to their predecessors. Here the conceptual Belarusian cuisine is presented, which, contrary to the established stereotype, has never been limited in dishes from potatoes. In the "Gastinny Mayontak" you will be offered blood sausage, "machanka" with sauce and pancakes, pork rulk, tender and juicy, with the sweetest meat beside the bone, and many other masterpieces of national cuisine. A sultry duck with cowberry, chicken "Panska", fillet "Sochnoe" deserves appreciation of the most exquisite customers.
  • Active rest and entertainments. From the services offered below, the staff of the complex will, according to your preference, make up a sports and entertainment program that matches your budget and the number of participants. Do not forget that the cost of many services depends on the actual usage time.
  • Paintball. Paintball - all-season team sports and technical game using pneumatic markers, shooting brittle gelatin balls filled with water-soluble paint. During the 10-15 minute game, two teams starting from the bases at opposite ends of the field, tend to grab the flag located in the center of the field and put it on the enemy's starting base. At the request of the parties the game can take place until the last surviving player. A number of other scenarios can be proposed by the organizers. For security reasons, all those on the field (players and judges) are required to wear masks that protect the face and head. All markers are adjusted in such way that the speed of the ball does not exceed the safe one. The cost of one game includes equipment, protective clothing and 200 balls. Forest or an open area with natural or artificial shelters for players are used as a field for the game,.  
  • Mini-football, "big football", kicker football. There is an outside mini-football field with artificial surface in this complex. Provision: one referee. An outside mini-football field with an artificial surface can be used to hold games in "big football". Players play in huge shoes and caps with a big ball. Provision: two referees. Kicker-football is an enlarged version of the popular bar game - table football. The role of plastic players is played by living people, the role of the table is a large trampoline, and the steel axes are ropes stretched across the entire area of the trampoline. Kicker football is an excellent team building tool, can be used for family, corporate and other tournaments and just for individual games. Provision: two referees.
  • Rent a shooting range. Is your company come to a corporate holiday to us? Order an arbalest shooting range! Your colleagues will be delighted with the opportunity to shoot from crossbows, pneumatic guns and paintball markers.Do you doubt? In vain. This is absolutely safe - crossbows are weakened, Arrows are safe + our vigilant surveillance is a guarantee of safety! Provision: one referee.
  • ATVs. We guarantee you a keen sense of extreme driving on ATVs. Try to tame this machine, which can climb to a steep hill, and also perform quite serious tricks. The maximum speed of a motorized cross-country vehicle for rest is 60-70 km/h. We offer to use ATVs in two versions: for the relay race (snake, mushroom pickers, etc.); For free skating on calm routes and on extreme routes. Provision: one instructor for each ATV.
  • Zorb. Zorb is not just an attraction, it's a way to experience new, unusual, vivid, powerful feelings. And everything from a simple rotation of a person in a large transparent ball. Zorb is great for active corporate recreation and does not require special training, it can function not only in hot summer, but also in winter. This attraction can take about 30 people for 1 hour.
  • Horseback riding. Horse riding is an ideal holiday for modern people. It is extremely pleasant to ride on horseback, admiring the unique beauty of the picturesque places of Logoysk and the gracefulness of one of the most beautiful animals. This adventure will remain in your memory for life. Here you can learn the basics of dealing with horses, horse riding techniques or just ride a horse through the forest. We have experienced coaches from "Ratomka".В ГСОК Number of horses: 6 horses. Provision: one instructor per horse.

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