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Rules and features that should be taken into account while choosing a sanatorium

Choice of a sanatorium

  • Read the descriptions, look photos and videos of sanatoriums in Belarus, read the recent comments of guests on forums (please consider subjectivity of opinions);
  • Consult your doctor in order to make an optimal choice of treatment direction if you want to choose by yourself, study thoroughly all medical conditions and contraindications for treatment in a sanatorium.
  • Pay attention to the list of services that are included in the price of tour package and provided at an additional cost.
  • If you are going to visit a health resort with children, study the conditions of children admission, the presence of children room or playgrounds.

How much time to stay in a sanatorium

  • As a rule, sanatoriums of Belarus offer packages with duration of 12-21 day.
  • If it is enough for you to have general health-improving effect, choose 12-14 days.
  • To get a full treatment it is recommended to choose 21 days or more.
  • In sanatoriums of Belarus, especially in pick season, there is no possibility to extend tour package, so plan in advance an optimum period of treatment and rest.
  • When booking a tour package, remember: if you arrive after the period specified in tour package, the overdue days are not restored, as well as for early departure from the resort.

Purchase of a tour package

  • You may book on our website using the online booking system.
  • The period for which you need to book a tour package, is not limited, however, the sooner you book a tour package (especially during up-season), the more chances you have to find the necessary accommodation.
  • Tour packages without meals aren’t sold in a sanatorium.

Appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment

  • Most of the sanatoriums of Belarus do not accept visitors without the appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment, so to draw a card is better in a clinic at the place of residence.
  • While coming to the resort without the appointment card, you lose at least one day care (it will be spent for tests and examinations), and secondly, not all resorts have an opportunity to make on its base all required tests (required clinical and biochemical laboratory).
  • The appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment should be made no more than a month ago.
  • A sanatorium, under current legislation, has the right to refuse treatment in the absence of the appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment.
  • To draw the appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment, you must have results of relevant examinations and consultations of medical specialists.

What to take in a sanatorium:

  • Season clothes and shoes, a second pair of shoes (you will need it in medical rooms).
  • All sanatoriums offer entertainment programs, so you can take clothes for these events.
  • If there is a swimming pool in a sanatorium, don't forget swimming clothes: swimming costume, swim cap, flip-flops.

Documents required for check-in

  • When you arrive at a health resort with a tour package purchased in advance, you will need to contact an administrator of health resort, showing him the following documents: passport, a tour package of our company, the appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

What do you need to know about staying in a sanatorium?

  • In a sanatorium treatment is prescribed according to the appointment card for sanatorium-and-spa treatment.
  • After the first examination a doctor draws medical records and a procedure book of a patient with the treatment prescribed.
  • On the day of arrival and departure general treatment is not prescribed.
  • The medical complex is prescribed individually for each guest considering the main and concomitant diseases, the tour package price.
  • In the sanatorium in the first day it's better to discuss what food you want. Usually there are 2 types of food – general or dietary.
  • For getting positive results of treatment in a sanatorium guests must accurately complete assignments of a doctor, strictly adhere to the recommended regime. Success of treatment doesn't depend on the number of procedures. Procedures should be taken on time and according to doctor’s recommendations.

On return from a sanatorium:

  • After the course of sanatorium-and-spa treatment a patient will get a tear-off coupon of the appointment card with all the procedures and treatment, its efficiency and doctor's recommendations.
  • We wish You effective treatment and unforgettable vacations!

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