The company "TOP-TUR" was founded in 1992. Initially the staff consisted of several people with a single office on Yakub Kolas Street. The main activity was the Crimea. As time goes on, the company has grown and developed. For several years, the organization has made significant progress. The company opened new directions, created new routes and programs, taking into account the interests and wishes of different categories of tourists. Having consolidated its position in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, the company opened its offices in the regional cities of Belarus.

In 1999 a branch office was opened in Gomel. In 2002 a branch office was opened in Grodno. In 2003 a department of domestic and inbound tourism, which deals with receiving and servicing foreign citizens and recreation organization in Belarus, was opened in Minsk. In 2004 we had new success and achievements. In 2004 a new department was opened for operational work with travel agents. The network of branches "TOP-TOUR" is growing: in 2006 another office was opened in Minsk, Myasnikova Street, 40, also branch offices were opened in Brest and Soligorsk. In April 2008 a branch office was established in Mogilev. During 2003-2008 years we had rapid expansion of the company. The company's turnover increased several times, as well as the staff. In 2009 the office on Myasnikov Street moved to a new, comfortable, well-equipped office on Chkalov Street 22.

In June 1, 2010 a new sales office was opened to the public in the heart of the city on Independence Ave, 39, in the area of Victory square. Office which is located on one of the main transport arteries of the city – Independence Ave, is convenient for its location. In the future, branches offices will be opened in all large cities of Belarus.

The achieved results became the hallmark of the company, formed a reputation as a strong and worthy competitor in tourist market and a serious associate for partners and customers.
Today "TOP-TOUR" is one of the largest companies operating in tourism. "TOP-TOUR" has a dynamically developing team of young and energetic professionals. The number of regular clients and partners continues to grow. We are proud of the progress that has become a result of the work of the whole team of "TOP-TOUR". Currently the company employees more than 100 people.

Priority in the work of the company has been for a long time, and still is outbound tourism. The company is one of the leading tour operators of Belarus in organizing bus excursion tours around Eastern and Western Europe, air tours, and individual trips. Tourism product that is offered by the company "TOP-TUR", is aimed at people with middle and high incomes.

Inbound tourism is a growing part of the work of the company "TOP-TUR". A rich range of services includes:

- visa support for foreign guests.

- booking and accommodation in hotels of Belarus.

- meeting in airports, railway and bus stations, as well as transfers from arrival places to the place of residence.

- order for guiding tours.

- organization of seminars in Belarus.

- recreation and treatment in sanatoriums of Belarus.

- reservation of tickets to theatres, concert halls, sports and recreational activities.

To build a team, identify leaders, reduce tensions between your colleagues, get positive emotion – all these tasks are easy to solve with the help of corporate programs of the company “TOP TOUR”. Corporate programs are very diverse and offered on the basis of the individual client’s interest.

"TOP-TOUR" has been recognized as "The Best tour operator" of the Republic of Belarus in many areas. Among other diplomas of "TOP-TOUR" there are: “For success in development of incoming tourism of Belarus”, “For high professionalism and successful positioning in the market”, “For introduction of international technologies in tourism”, “Brand of the year 2005”, “The best entrepreneur in the tourism industry in the Republic of Belarus” of the years 2007 and 2008 (a diploma with the signature of the president of the Republic of Belarus).
In 2010 the company became a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association). Since 2010 "TOP-TOUR" has been a member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"The attention of every tourist!" is our motto that was developed during the years of fruitful work in tourism market. Great importance is given to training of the staff. We aspire to have each sales specialist which knows thoroughly the specifics of tourist products of the company. We organize master classes, presentations, advertising and familiarization tours for our employees. It is prestigious to work in our company.

The company organizes for its employees corporate events several times a year. "TOP-TOUR" is a strong and friendly team of professionals, colleagues, friends and associates. We both work and have a rest together: trip outside the city, excursions and, of course, the annual celebration of the birthday of the company have become a tradition. "TOP-TOUR" offers a competitive salary, a friendly team and career prospects. Many our specialists have grown from a staff member into mid-level and top managers.

“TOP TOUR” participates actively and fruitfully in international annual tourist exhibitions held in Belarus and abroad: Minsk, Moscow, Berlin, London, Istanbul, Beijing that is another effective way to inform clients about innovation and offers in tourist market. Since its foundation, the company has been oriented towards the provision of services of a European standard.  Being a multi-skilled operator, the company attaches great importance and responsibility to its agent network. Our agents are our PARTNERS. Attentive and careful attitude towards all the partners, without exception, has been remained the main priority in our work at all times.

With “TOP TOUR” everybody wins: clients get quality and various vacation, agencies – agent fees and regular clients. We are constantly improving programs, master and offer new routes and tour services, provide a worthy level of service for our clients and adopt new technologies.

Getting ready for rest with the company “TOP TOUR”, you can be sure that our team will do everything to make your holiday pleasant and relaxing. We are grateful to our regular clients and look forward to cooperate!  

Sincerely yours, the team of the company “TOP TOUR”


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