Payments by credit cards

Payment is made via the Internet in real time directly after booking. Credit cards of international systems VISA (all types), MasterCard (including Maestro) emitted by any bank and cards of the system BELCARD and American Express are accepted for payment.

While choosing a payment method of an order by a credit card, the payment processing (including entering a credit card number) is made via On-line payment system provider “ASSIST” with software and hardware systems of on-line payments ASSIST passed the international certification . In the system there is the secure TLS protocol that provides security of payments and it is used for transmission of confidential information from a client to server for further processing at the processing center. It means that confidential data of a payer (card details, registration info etc.) don’t come in internet market, their processing is completely protected and nobody can get to know personal and banking data of a client. Apart from this, while payment processing is carried out via credit card, a safe 3D-Secure technology is used that the international system VISA and MasterCard require mandatory.  

You can choose tours when and where it is convenient to you – 24 hours a day, at work or at home. You control all nuances of your trip by yourself. Nobody imposes their beliefs and set time limits – you can choose what you exactly want in a calm atmosphere. And if you need qualified assistance in booking tours – our experienced managers are always at your service!

Order of on-line booking and payment of tour services via a credit card:

1. Choose a payment method by a card on-line.

2. After you click on the button “Confirm and pay”, the system will direct you on the web site of on-line payment system provider that provides payment security. Authorizing sever establishes a connection to a Payer via the secure TLS protocol and receives from Payer his credit card data ( card number, the expiry date, name of Cardholder, CVC2/CVV2 number). Payment operation by a credit card on-line is completely confidential and safe.

3. Your personal and credit card data is entered not on a page of our site; it is entered on the authorizing page of the payment system. Access to them is carried out via the secure TLS protocol, also technologies of safe internet payments Verified by Visa and MasterCode and SecureCode are utilized.

Make sure that your credit card is suitable for payment. Enter your credit card data on a special protected gateway of the payment system “ASSIST”.  You will have 10 minutes to make a decision about order payment and enter credit card data. If time limit is exceeded, your order is cancelled.

After this you card authorizes in the bank system and a payment is approved by a bank. With receipt of payment into the account of the payment system “ASSIST” – a payer will receive a notice of money transfer on the payee’s account in this system and to the indicated e-mail. If payment is made successfully an order is considered completed. In case of refusal and according to the cause of authorization refusal, to deal with the issue you can:

  • Make an attempt to pay a order but not earlier that 20 minutes;
  • Apply for clarifications to a bank that emits your card.

The provision of services after payment

You can download a package of documents on your tour (contract, voucher) in your personal account and print it before a trip. While ordering a service “by request” a package of documents will be sent to your indicated e-mail. During the trip you won’t remain without support. In case if any question and problem in a hotel appear, you will be able to contact us and we will quickly do everything we can to have a positive solution to the situation.

Cancellations or changes of reservations

Booking a tour on-line and paying for it by credit card, you agree to the contract. Any changes or cancellations are applied in accordance with the contract. If you decide to cancel a tour or change its parameters, you should send a written request to our e-mail indicating: number of contract, passport data of a customer and clients. While refunding in case of cancellation of a tour or reducing its cost, you will have penalties in accordance with actual expenditures of a travel agent under the contract (if any). Money will be returned to a credit card. As payment for all services provided by our company to the customer is carried out on the basis of the contract, and refusal of paid services with recovery of an amount to the customer is carried out on the basis of points of the contract. Contact a bank where you have a card account to know about possible fees of conversion of one currency into another and transactions with card accounts.  The term of money refunding to a credit card can be up to 30 days and depended on the issuing bank.

Payment through the system SSIS

The system “Calculation” – Automated Information System of Single Settlement and Information Space (AIS SSIS) was established by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in order to simplify organization of reception of payments from physical and legal entities (the system website: ;  the phone number of the contact center - 141).

The system ”Calculation“ allows to pay in any convenient place, at any convenient time, and in any convenient bank service point – ATM, self-service cash points, Internet banking, bank cash offices, through mobile banking, etc. (a full list of bank service points). You can pay for our goods/services using cash, electronic money and credit cards in bank service points which provide services for accepting payments, as well as through remote banking service. 

If you make a payment at a bank cash office, please inform a cashier that you need to make a payment through the system “Calculation” (SSIS).
The services of “TOP-TOUR” ltd. can be found in the catalog of the system “Calculation” in the section:

Travel services → Top-Tour -

To make a payment it needs to:

1. 1. Select the item “The system “Calculation” (SSIS)
2. 2. Choose consistently the tab: Travel services → Top-Tour -
3. 3. Enter the order number
4. 4. Enter the amount of payment (unless specified)
5. 5. Сheck data correctness
6. 6. Make a payment.  

Cash payment in the “TOP TOUR’s” offices:

You may make a cash payment for services of the company “TOP TOUR” at cash offices located in:

Minsk, ul. Y. Kolas 40
Minsk, prosp. Pushkin, 39, the hotel "Orbita"
Minsk, ul. Chkalova 22
Minsk, prosp. Nezavisimosti, 39
Brest, ploshad Svobody 1
Grodno, ul. Kalicinska 12
Gomel, ul. Sovetskaya 39
Mogilev, pereulok T. Karpinskaya 3
Soligorsk, ul. Kozlova 33, the hotel "Novoe Polesie"  

Cashless payments

It is possible to make cashless payments. Cashless payments mean transactions between physical and legal entities with their participation. The basis for non-cash transactions is the contract concluded between “TOP TOUR” and a client. Cashless payments are carried out in the form of bank transfers on the basis of payment instructions according to the invoice. Realization of a tour (air ticket) is carried out after making a payment. 


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