From the earliest times the livelihood of people was hunting and fishing that have remained a predilection. Nowadays hunting and fishing are not only the way of livelihood, but also a fine relaxation and entertainment. Despite the fact that lovers of hunting and fishing are fully aware of places, they know them inside and out; but they certainly want to see new places, to test their strength, skills and experience. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoy hunting and fishing, admire breathtaking views, you should contact the managers of our company.

With our help you may organize hunt for you and your friends. Taking over all organization issues, we provide you an opportunity to think only about hunting. A big variety of games, comfort accommodations, a full range of additional services and attractive prices – there are main advantages of out hunting tours. 


The Republic of Belarus, situated in the center of Europe, compares favorably with many other European countries the richest availability of natural resources – water, plant and animal resources. The availability of vast forest and marsh areas with relatively low adsorbing and human impact on the unique Belarusian nature promote the preservation and development of animal world to this day. Rich fauna, which means stable resources of hunted species of animals, allows to have a good and productive hunting in our country. 


In present time, in Belarus you may hunt the following game animals and birds.

Traditionally, there are spring and summer-autumn hunting for game birds and autumn-winter hunting for furry and ungulate animals in our country. The most popular directions of hunting in Belarus are:

  • Boar hunting off the tower in winter;
  • Boar hunting on crop damage in summer;
  • Autumn hunting for elk and deer "on a roar" and "moan";
  • Autumn driven hunting for ungulates animals;
  • Spring hunting for waterfowl, goose and duck and upland game grouse and black grouse on a current;
  • Winter hunting for a wolf with flags.

Bison hunting takes a special place – hunting for the largest ungulate representative of Europe is permitted only from the contingency gene pool. There are some biological indicators according to which specialists recognize a bison weak, unable to give a full offspring, and the seizure of these animals is permitted in a strictly limited number. Hunting is permitted not everywhere in Belarus, there are a number of protected areas – national parks, reserves, sanctuaries of national significance which have special zones where certain types of activities including hunting are strictly prohibited. Also most major settlements are surrounded with the zones prohibited for hunting.

Requirements to foreign hunters 

Foreign citizens may hunt on the territory of Belarus when there are:

  • Documents confirming the right to hunt that were issued in their country of residence, for example, a hunting ticket;
  • Proper permission to keep and bear hunting arms that were issued in their country of residence;
  • One-time permission of Internal Affairs for the import into the Republic of Belarus and export from the Republic of Belarus of hunting weapons and ammunition (and if there are hunting knives). This permission is issued on the basis of the application and agreement on the organization of a tour by a tour agent or a tenant of hunting grounds who have the right to conduct tourist activities;
  • Hunting tour packages or one-time permission to hunt for game  and hunting tour packages to it.

Hunting only with one-time permits (licenses) is permitted for the following game animals:

Bison of reserve gene pool/ Bison bonasus
Elk / Alces alces
Red deer/ Cervus elaphus
European roe/ Capreolus capreolus
Boar/ Sus scrofa
European beaver / Castor fiber
Eurasian river otter/ Lutra lutra
Wood grouse/ Tetrao urogallus
Grouse/ Tetrao tetrix

In Belarus there are a number of seasonal and time restrictions, especially on normalized species, and also there are certain requirements for using hunting weapons, ammunition, hunting dogs and birds. 

 In open-air cages for hunting bows and crossbows meeting the following technical requirements can be applied:

  • Bow should stick, stretch and shoot with the help of only human muscle strength and have a tension no less than 18 kg or 40 pounds (lb). The tension force is expressed in kilograms (pounds) that are required to the tension of 71-cm (28-inch) arrow to its tip. The tension force is usually marked on a bow by the manufacturer;
  • Crossbow should have the tension force to fixing of bow-string no less than 45 kg (100 pounds);
  • Bow arrow should be at least 61 cm (24inches), crossbow arrow isn’t limited; the tip of arrow should be firm with sharp cutting edges and  at least 2,2 cm wide at the base  and cutting edges should open to this width on contact with a game.


In Belarus fishing is a favorite hobby of many people. It’s no surprise, Belarus has more than 10 thousand of lakes and 20 thousand of rivers with crystal water, habitable for many species of fish. In Belarusian rivers and lakes there more that 30 species of fish, also glacial relict species of fish can be met in some rivers and lakes. Our portal works for all fishing lovers: for new and experienced fishermen. Here you will know all information on fishes and fishing peculiarities of certain species at different times of the year. A fisherman’s calendar will help you navigate in time and to see when winter and summer fishing is to start, when fishing of certain species of fish is allowed and when prohibited.

Using a fisherman’s atlas, you'll be able to get an idea about the most popular fishing spots in your area or choose your own that aren’t marked on the map yet. On our fishing portal you will be able to share your experience, give advice to beginners and boast your catch and compare it with the achievements of other fishermen.

For a good fishing you will need fishing tools. Fishing shops offer a full range of fishing equipment: fly fishing, float and bottom fishing rods of all systems, spinners, spinners, imitation fish, nets, lifting nets, and inflatable boats, clothing for fishermen, and much more. It's all you need to get the maximum pleasure while fishing and bring home a big catch.


Winter fishing: the first ice presages the begging of a new fishing season. Winter fishing is a real holiday for certain fishing lovers. Besides, winter fishing doesn’t yield to summer fishing neither in passion nor catch, on the contrary, it is increasingly gaining its fans. You may notice how many people in warm clothes go to a pond early winter morning. 

In Belarus the first ice appears usually in late November, early December. You have to be very careful. If you have little experience and you are unaccompanied, it would be better not to go on the ice. Forest lakes freeze first, than bodies of water freeze deeper and deeper.

With the first ice you can fish at shallow depths up to a meter, thus you may go to the mentioned above forest lakes without risking. But don’t forget to prepare for winter fishing properly in order to enjoy and not to become disappointed.

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