In Belarus medical tourism becomes more demanded and popular every year. Guests of our country may combine rest with receiving highly qualified medical treatment in the best medical centres and clinics, have rehabilitation and recovery courses in sanatoriums in Belarus.

Belarus has been receiving foreigners for a long time, who have decided to have a complicated surgery or go into treatment courses with the help of our specialists. Over recent years the country has proven itself as one of the most promising areas of medical tourism in the CIS. This is due to :

  • qualified doctors who have been trained at the best world medical centers, and trained medical staff;
  • high quality of services and well-equipped clinics;
  • advanced medical technologies and progressive treatment methods;
  • reasonable cost of medical services;
  • convenient geographical location of Belarus in the center of Europe and well-developed transport communication;
  • mild climate of Belarus that doesn’t require acclimatization but contribute to a speedy recovery.

Every year the number of foreigners who have got the medical treatment in Belarus is growing:

  • in 2010 – over 100,000;
  • in 2011 – 115,500;
  • in 2012 – 130,000;
  • in 2013 – about 160,000;
  • in 2014 – over 160,000.

In order to get treatment, people from 70 countries worldwide come to Belarus, namely there are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, Syria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Yemen, and others.

How we work

We will go through processes of organization your treatment or rehabilitation abroad together, easy and with maximal results!

At the first stage, according to the contract concluded between you and a company, specialists undertake a prior expert medical assessment of a request, analyze and translate a medical documentation. Then a case-record (epicrisis) is sent to the leading foreign medical establishments corresponding to the nature of a disease. In case, if you know in advance and precisely a concrete medical institution where you’d like to access medical services, bypassing the first stage, we immediately proceed to the second stage.

At the second stage, on the basis of doctors’ responses received, an expert evaluation is undertaken and a program of medical examination and treatment is formed in accordance with your wishes, a diagnosis, a volume of treatment, and also an initial cost estimate is prepared. Then specialists select the best options that are presented to you for a final approval.

In parallel with the development of a medical program, there is the formation of suggestions for related services of accompanying persons, in case of necessity. After receiving an individually prescribed suggestion you make a prepayment for a doctor’s appointment at a clinic. We maintain close business relations with Belarusian and foreign air carries, hotel complexes; we have accreditation from embassies and provide a full range of services for trip organization, including visa support, hotel and ticket booking and etc. Employees of a partner-company will meet you at an airport of a destination country, accommodate in a hotel and will help in communicating with a clinic’s staff during consultations, treatment and recreation.

At the third and final stage, every day we control your stay at a clinic from the begging of treatment till discharge. After discharge from a clinic or undergoing diagnosis all medical documentation is translated into Russian and sent to you. If you need an additional doctor’s consultation or undergo another treatment course, our staff will take over all organization issues.

Surgeries and treatment – what do Belarusian specialists offer?

Cancer treatment, oncohematology, trauma treatment, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, neurosurgery, cardiology, heart surgery, speleo therapy, medical rehabilitation – this is by no means an exhaustive list of medical services that are available in Belarus.

In addition to the high quality of medical services and good results of treatment, Belarusian clinics are constantly expanding the variety of high-tech and sophisticated medical surgeries.


Belarusian medical professionals perform the most advanced surgeries on heart and major vessels, including implantation of artificial ventricles, transplantation of heart, aorta and other vessels, operative treatment of heart rhythm disorders in both adults and children.


The following treatment methods are available in Belarus: thermo-chemotherapy of patients with advanced lung cancer, photodynamic therapy of patients with cervical dysplasia, transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells.
The results in the treatment of solid malignant tumors, which were achieved by the Children’s Oncology and Hematology National Center, correspond to the world standards: the effectiveness of treatment of lymphoblastic leukemia is 75% and treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma is over 90%.


Belarusian specialists use endovascular methods to treat cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations, stereotaxic methods to treat patients with Parkinson's disease and brain tumors, microsurgery methods to remove brain tumors, and rhizotomy methods to treat trigeminal neuralgia decompression.

Traumatology and orthopedics

Many surgeries performed by Belarusian specialists are unique. Since 2009, in addition to endoprothetics of knee and hip joints, Belarusian surgeons have been performing endoprothetics of shoulder and ankle joints.


Belarusian specialists use such progressive treatment methods as cataract microsurgeries (phacoemulsification), corneal transplantation and laser surgeries on premature infants in case of retinopathy.


Larynx and trachea recanalization in children under a year, microsurgeries on nasal septum, cochlear implantation are performed in country’s clinics.

Reproductive technologies (IVF) (in vitro fertilization)

The effectiveness of I.V.F is over 42%, which corresponds to the standards of foreign clinics.

Transplantation of organs and tissues

Belarusian transplant specialists have been trained at the best clinics of the U.S., the UK, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, and Poland. The Republic of Belarus take the lead over all ex-Soviet countries, including Russia and Ukraine, in the number of organ transplantations.


Patients can get an individual complex approach, a high effectiveness of rehabilitation, unique opportunities for recovery in motor function disorders with the use of the latest technologies. Belarus has a speleotherapy spa center, the only one in the CIS.

Plastic surgery

Patients from all over the world are attracted by low prices and good results of Belarusian esthetic clinics : some clinics have over 50% of foreign patients The quality of Belarusian plastic surgeries is appreciated by patients from Baltic countries, Germany and the U.S.A.

Prices for medical services in Belarus

The cost of services in Belarusian clinics is one of the most important factors that attract patients alongside with the quality of treatment. There are prices for some medical services:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure – about $2,500
  • Endoprothetics of hip joints – about $6,000
  • Coronary artery bypass– about $10,000
  • Cochlear implantation (plus implant) – €15,500-36,500
  • Speleotherapy spa center – $45-79 per day

How to get treatment in Belarus?

On the official website of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (MH RB) there is a division "Paid services for foreigners", here you can find the latest information on medical services, clinics, necessary documents, the cost of operations and treatment.

You can come to Belarus:

  • individually;
  • with the help of a medical tourism agency of Belarus.

After studying preliminary information and getting in touch with the clinic, you may come to Belarus (citizens of some countries need a visa to Belarus), sign a contract for paid medical services and receive treatment.

One medical service is paid in advance, a set of medical services (hospital care) is paid in two stages: a prepayment (hospital stay and an estimated cost of treatment) and a final afterpayment.

If you decide to come to Belarus with the help of a medical tourism agency, make sure you choose a reliable company that will take proper care of you during your stay in Belarus. 


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