Republiс biological nature reserve «Sporovsky»

Republiс biological nature reserve «Sporovsky»

The nature reserve «Sporovsky» – is the first territory in Republic of Belarus which has received the international status of protection of the Ramsar ground!

Adress: Pushkin street, 23b, Bereza, Bereza area, Brest region. It's located on the territory of Bereza, Drogichin, Ivanovo and Ivatsevichi districts of the Brest region and occupies the space of 19384 hectares.

The biological nature reserve represents the largest massif of the low-lying swamps of Polesia is located in a flood plain of the river Yaselda which is unique and natural reserve for the Central part of Europe. On the territory of the nature reserve «Sporovsky» is the lake of the same name.

Swamps have original state that has allowed to remain many endangered species of plants, animals and birds, including a restless millerbird – the most rare songbird of Europe.

Flora of the nature reserve is very different - more than 600 species of vascular plants that makes about 35% growing in the republic, 20 types are included in the Red List of Belarus.

Also «Sporovsky» has various fauna. The nature reserve «Sporovsky» is the territory important for birds. In total in his limits are noted 123 species of the nesting birds from which 32 are included in the Red List of Belarus.

Besides, in the nature reserve lives:
  • 25 species of mammals (without small rodents and wing-handed animals); 
  • 6 species of reptiles; 
  • 8 species of amphibians; 
  • 34 species of fishes; 
  • more than 245 species of insects.
The most numerous of reptiles are lizards - quick and viviparous, grass snake. Among the protected species there are turtle and medyanka.
From amphibia moor and grass frogs are the most typical, and from rare - there is the cane frog who is included in the Red List of Belarus.
From fishes there are: pike, roach,  tench, bream, crucian, carp, guster, perch, meet channel som, smelt, and others, from rare – is a lamprey.
From mammals there are: elk, European roe, red deer, wild boar, raccoon dog, forest polecat, ermine, both species of martens – rock and pine, fox, hare, American mink, river beaver, muskrat, wolf and others. From protected species there is badger.

  • organization of eco-tourism;
  • organization of different types of excursions (pedestrian walks, bicycle, water, mixed routes), including survey and specialized tours;
  • organization of hunting tours;
  • organization of rest weekend tours;
  • horse trips;
  • rent of arbors;
  • guide services;
  • rent of boats (oar and motor), bicycles, tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags.
For tourists are developed the special routes:
  1. Ecological track.
  2. Water.
  3. Pedestrian.
  4. Combined.
  5. Bicycle. Vysokoe - Mostyki - Staromlyny - White lake - Vysokoe.

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