Ostrich's ranch

Welcome to the Ostrich's Ranch!

We invite everyone to visit this amazing world in which inhabit African ostriches live!


In a picturesque corner 20 km from Kobrin is located one of the biggest ostrich's farms of Belarus. Here are engaged breeding of a black African ostrich with a full cycle: from an incubation of chick before sale of meat, fat and bird leather.
The Belarusian enterprise «Ostrich's Ranch»- was organized in 2002. The territory of a farm is big, accounts for about 50 hectares. Now there are 350 adult individuals of the South African black ostrich.


«The Ostrich's Ranch» - invites to unforgettable unique excursions.
First of all, it will be interesting to children and adults.

Directly the tour is conducted within 40 minutes, it takes place on the territory of an Ostrich's farm. The excursion is carried out only accompanied by the guide!  

Ostriches are very sociable and curious. Having seen tourists, they approach  real close you will have an opportunity will get acquainted with ostriches and even to photograph these unique animals.

During the excursion specially trained guides will spend tourists on open-air cages where there live ostriches and will tell in detail, than they eat as look after them as ostriches breed and hatch out eggs and more interesting... 
Guides of the Ostrich's ranch will suggest visitors to buy ostrich's meat which is famous for the tenderness and exсellent taste; ostrich's egg, ostrich's feathers.





Adult ticket

5 rub.

Child (to children up to 6 years accompanied by adults entrance is free)

3.50 rub.

To disabled people, children from orphanages, to children up to 6 years

free of charge

 Photo and video

is included in the ticket price

Time of the visit:
from 10:00 to 19:00 (summertime) and from 9:00 till 17:00 (winter time).

Without breaks and days off.

Address: Kozishche village, Kobrin district, Brest region.

Звоните, чтобы заказать +375 44 502 30 02
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