Republican landscape nature reserve «Red Bor»

Republican landscape nature reserve «Red Bor»


The republic landscape nature reserve «Red Bor» of 34231 hectare is located on far North of Belarus on the territory of Verkhnedvinsk and Rossony districts of Vitebsk region, has been created for preservation of a biodiversity of a unique natural landscape and lake complex of populations of rare and endangered species of plants and animals included in the Red List of Republic of Belarus.

«Red Bor» borders from the West with the republic nature reserve Osveysky, and from the North with Sebezh National Park of Russia.

The territory of the nature reserve

On the territory of the nature reserve it is carried out:
  • hunting;
  • logging;
  • fishing.

The industrial enterprises are absent, population density is extremely low (less than 3 people on The territory hasn't suffered from the Chernobyl accident and is the most environmentally friendly in Belarus!


The territory of the nature reserve «Red Bor» carries lines of a unique landscape of the last glacier which has resulted from water and glacial streams activity. 

The young glacial relief differs in a strong raschlenennost, existence of a large number of lakes (about 40), boggy lowlands, riding swamps, kams, hills. Red Bor's territory can serve as a standard of a geomorphological complex which formation is connected with the last stage of the Poozersky glacier.


In Red Bor absolutely dominate the forest landscapes defining a high woodiness of the territory about 80%! Here are presented all types of the woods characteristic of the extensive region of Belarusian Poozerya:

  • sukhodol pineries (35%); 
  • mixed woods with domination of a fir-tree (6%);
  • boggy chernoolshaniks (4%).

The territory is located in a zone of the southern taiga and apply to a transitional area between boreal coniferous forests and the southern broad-leaved complexes.

On the compact territory are presented all types of wetland ecosystems; 40 glacial lakes; two average rivers and small rivers and streams; set of small riding swamps and complex of the swamp Big Moh (24; low-lying grass and forest swamps in flood plains of the rivers and lakes, the largest open low-lying swamp in the region in a flood plain of the river Osynka (7 on border with Russia.


Flora of the nature reserve «Red Bor» reflects specificity of the landscapes of northern Belarus located in a transitional zone between northern dark-coniferous forests and more southern pine and broad-leaved complexes. Here representatives as boreal flora, and even tundra flora, and a southern plant.

Within the territory of the nature reserve are revealed of 18 species of the plants brought in the Red List of Republic of Belarus.

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