Сlub-estate «Bivac»

Сlub-estate «Bivac»

Do you want to realize their dreams without the hassle of a big city?
You have a great opportunity to realize themselves, inviting your friends, colleagues, or to arrange a vacation with our family!

Choosing the «Bivac», you plunge into the unique atmosphere of the interior hussar times and really feel like a participant in those memorable events.


  • Historical tourism
  • Riding
  • Souvenir shop
  • Homemade cafe
  • Mini hotel
  • Tours
  • Museum exhibition. Tour is carried out in the historical hall of the estate.
muz_ekz1.jpgDuring the historical program you will hear about the well-known crossing of Napoleon through Berezina, about the strategy of capture of the French commander by the Russian army headed by the general M. I. Kutuzov.
The skilled guide will take you about exposition collected from archeological excavations on the territory of Borisov district. 
You will see a military uniform and the equipment of various troops, and also you will be able to touch and consider historical artifacts
Also you have an opportunity to get acquainted with our art gallery of the artist Alexander Belsky with portraits of military leaders of 1812: Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander I, Mikhail Kutuzov and Jan Dombrovsky, Her Michel and Vasily Chichagov...
  • Organization of events: family rest, organization of weddings and celebrations, business meetings
  • Ecological routes: extent:-15 km
Sights of ecological routes:
  • fortification constructions,
  • general observation post,
  • kurgan,
  • settlement of the Iron Age,
  • reinforced concrete bunker of Wehrmacht,
  • place of battle of 1812 «Stakhov wood»,
  • monument to the deceased during the Great Patriotic War,
  • historical complex «Studenka».

Entertainments and sport

  • Bath
  • Billiards
  • Playground
  • Bicycles
  • Darts
  • Pool
  • Skates and skis
  • Table tennis
  • Board games
  • Rent of arbors
  • Cinema hall
  • Hunting and fishing
  • «Stalker» game
stalker2.jpgThe estate «Bivac» offers  to participate in exciting and real adventure - a game «Staker. Search of treasures». During the game you using imposing of the historical map ( of V. I. Mikhaylovskogo-Danilevsky) on the modern topographic map of the area, You can to define places of historical events, camp of troops and old roads. 
The skilled instructor of instrument search and your fortune will help you to find artifacts of war of 1812.

Tour programmes

The estate «Bivac» can educate you on four historical topics:
  1. Unknown pages of war of 1812
  2. Oblivion traces in a history grass. Jews of Borisovshchina 
  3. The Soviet-Polish war in Borisovshchina 
  4. Excursion on Borisovskoma Bolshaka
Address: village Dudinka 3B, Borisov district, Minsk region.

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