"Brest-Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha-Minsk"(for groups)

"Brest-Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha-Minsk"(for groups)

Group gathering. Departure from Minsk. Transfer Minsk-Brest (350 km).Breakfast.Sightseeing Brest excursion.
Brest is one of the oldest cities in Belarus with a long history and rich variety of events of modernity. Historical city`s past and its modern life, old town and the new districts - Holy Cross Catholic Church, Freedom Square, the theater, music, drama, etc.
Brest is famous not only for its military history and iconic architecture, but it is also sports and modern city. It is impossibly to ignore the rowing channel corresponding to all international standards and allows to carry out the competition at any level. A lot of impressions will present the famous pedestrian Soviet street, where intersects ancient history of the city with its modern appearance. Here you can see buildings preserved from 1915, the main theater of the city «Belarus», here was a synagogue; walking through the lights alley, which every evening lights by lamplighter, and then are turning on lights all over Bug town.
Excursion to the memorial complex «Brest Fortress» - one of the most significant places in Belarus,visiting of Defense museum, exhibit halls which provide an opportunity to learn, to feel and understand the tragic events of the forty-first year, and to confirm that their memory lives in the hearts of the post-war generations. Brest Fortress - one of the most significant places in Belarus, which preserves the memory of the great feat of the Belarusian people. At the highest point there are Nicholas Church was built, the walls of which still hold a heavy military spirit, as evidenced by the bullet holes on the walls and crumbling frescoes. Specific emotions causes a sculptural composition «Thirst» - the figure of a Soviet soldier, who, relying on the machine runs with a helmet to the water. Monument «Courage» - bust sculpture of a warrior made of concrete, 33,5 meters height. Brest Fortress is one of those places that should be visited in Belarus, and the largest tourist attraction in the Brest city.
Lunch.Free time.Overnight in Brest.

Breakfast.Check-out.Transfer Brest - Belovezhskaya puscha (60 km)Excursion to the Bialowieza Forest - unique natural monument, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. "Bialowieza Forest" - one of the oldest reserves in the world. Its story has more than one century. This is the only sanctuary in Central Europe, which has been preserved almost intact. In these cages can be seen Bialowieza bison, wolves, lynx, deer, bear, and on walks accompanied by guides - Animals in the wild. Museum of Nature Belovezhskaya puscha National Park, meeting with season and the most striking features of nature in different seasons, as well as the inhabitants of the forest in a different historical era. Bialowieza Forest - it`s unique beauty nature, the rich world of animals and birds.Those interested can visit the residence of Dzed Moroz for a surcharge. This will be a real treat for adults and children. The estate includes the residence of Santa Claus with workshops, a house of Snow Maiden, Santa Claus Museum, where thousands of children' letters addressed.You can see the sculptures of wood «12 months» and «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs». At the territory of estate there is the highest in Europe 40-meters spruce.
Visiting of animals' enclosures.Lunch.Free time to make photos and to buy souvenirs.
Transfer to Minsk(350 km,5 hours).Check-in.Overnight in Minsk.

City tour of Minsk (3 hours) - will introduce You to one of the most beautiful European cities, whose history has more than nine centuries. You will pass through the main avenues of the capital (Nezavisimosti Avenue and Pobediteley Avenue), which are the hallmark of the city, You will see the unique construction of the postwar Minsk, ensembles of its squares, parks, sports facilities and modern areas. During the exit on Nezavisimosti Square You will meet the Government House, Catholic Church of Saints Simon and Helena, which is a symbol of our city. On the «Tribulation and Courage» island You will see the monument in honor of soldiers in Afghanistan, will learn the history of its creation. The quarter Trinity Suburb is located near the island - the urban quarter of XIX-XX centuries, passing through its streets You can represent as our city looked before. During a walking tour of the Upper town You will get acquainted with the history of Belarus, will see the City Hall, the Cathedral Mariinsky church, the Orthodox Cathedral, the former Basilian and Bernardine Monastery, as well as learn the history of the emergence of Minsk.
Lunch.Free time.Visiting shopping mall "Stolica".Departure from Minsk.

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Accommodation (1 night in a hotel in Brest, 1 night in a hotel in Minsk),meals- 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners (the menu is approved by the restaurant,cafe), certified guide service on the route with the entrance tickets.

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Transport services,dinners,sounenirs,extra excursions.
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