Gothic Belarus

Gothic Belarus

Ishkold - Synkovichi - Gnezno - Shilovichi - Replya - Volpa

The length of the route: 630 km
Duration: 14 hours

In Belarus there are a lot of Gothic castles and churches. But bloody wars destructed almost all the architectural masterpieces of the Middle Ages. Many of them disappeared, but not all.For example remained a church in Novogrudok, Synkovichi and Mozheikovo, churches in Gniezno and Vilna. In time of the Russian Empire buildings were constructed in the "imperial" classical style. However, in Belarus there were people who in spite of this fact, remembering  past of their ancestors built mansions and churches in retrospect-Gothic style. The present Gothic revival refers to the beginning of the XX century, by manifesto of 1905 Emperor of the Russian Empire allowed the Catholics to build their temples. And believers, wishing to show their affiliation to  European culture began to build their temples in the Gothic Revival style. Delightful buildings appeared in Replya and Shilovichi.

You will see the masterpieces of Belarusian architecture!

The Tour Program

08.00 Departure from Minsk. Transfer Minsk - Ishkold (110 km.)
09.30 Arrive in Ishkold. In Ishkold there is the oldest temple that wasn't been reconstructed, it has a special place among the monuments of Gothic architecture. Initially, the temple was built as a Catholic, but in the second half of XVI century  it was adapted as a Calvinist. As a cathedral it was until 1641, then it was again given to the Catholics. The Trinity Church is a monument of national significance and is protected by the state.
10.15 Transfer Ishkold - Slonim - Synkovichi (100 km). Visit to the church-fortress.
11.45 Synkovichi  is the oldest in Belarus temple of defense type, temple-fortress of St. Michael. The approximate time of its construction is  the end of the XV - beginning of XVI century.
12.30 Transfer Synkovichi - Zelva - Volkovysk - Gnezno (60 km.)
13.30 Overlook of the church in Gnezno. In Gniezno is located a unique example of Gothic architecture - the Church of the XVI century. This single-nave church with a tower in the center of the main facade. The tower is octagonal, which is quite unique for the Belarusian architecture.
14.10 Departure to Shilovichi. Transfer Gnezno - Shilovichi (17 km.)
14.30 Arrive in Shilovichi, visit to the church. The Catholic church of the Holy Trinity, Neo-Gothic architectural monument in the village. Shilovichi of Volkovysk district of the Grodno region. It was built in 1907-14 of brick on the site of the temple of1600.
15.20 Departure for the Replya. Transfer Shilovichi - Replya (18 km.)
15.50 Overlook of the church in Replya. The modern history of the church in Replya starts from 1909. But the first information about the temple dates back to 1626. Travel to the village Replya will be remembered by the fact that here you will be able to really touch the past. And it's not just a beautiful metaphor. The church has handprints of people who built it.
16.30 Departure for Vopla. Transfer Replya - Volpa (30 km.)
17.00 Overlook of the church and urban buildings. In the village Vopla there are two interesting architectural objects - a church of St. John the Baptist and a chapel.
The church is included to  the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus . It was built in 1773. It's hard to believe, but the church of St. John the Baptist, a wooden building of1773, is remained untouched.
17.50 Departure for Minsk. (290 km.)
22.00 Return to Minsk.

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