Grandeur of Belarus

Grandeur of Belarus

Oshmiany - Golshany - Boruny - Krevo Castle

The length of the route: 300 km
Duration: 10 hours

During days of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania the whole territory of Belarus was covered by castles. Because of the war, time and the negligence of the local people almost all of them did not preserve.

The tour program

09.00 Departure from Minsk. Transfer Minsk - Oshmiany (130 km.)
11.30 Arrive in Oshmiany. Visitors will be attracted by the Church of  the Archangel St. Michael. The temple was built in 1906. Next to the church of St. Michael the Archangel is the Church of the Resurrection. It was built on the site of a church and monastery in 1873.  The museum of Frantishek Bogushevich is worth to be visited. A special topic of the museum is a life and works of Belarusian classic Frantishek Kazimirovich Bogushevich. Today the museum collection includes more than 23 thousand exhibits. It preserves archaeological finds, numismatic collection, personal belongings of the residents of Oshmyan and its district, household items, products of craftsmen, documents, weapons, photographs, stuffed animals and more.
13.30 Transfer Oshmiany - Golshany (20 km).
14.00 Golshany was first mentioned in 1280, in the XII-XIV centuries. Golshany were known as a center of trade and crafts, the city produced tiles. At the end of the XIX century in Golshany were held fairs, which attracts people from all around. The main attraction of Golshan is its ruins of Sapieha castle. Sapieha was one of the richest and most prominent family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Sapieha had a unique collection of books, paintings and weapons.
15.00 Transfer Golshany - Boruny (10 km).
15.20 - In Boruny has remained an interesting complex of the Uniate Church (1747). It has a peculiar composition: there is no symmetry, which most religious buildings have. The outer architecture focuses on the construction of the silhouette.
16.00 Transfer Boruny - Krevo (10 km.)
16.30 Krevo. In this small village was one of the most important events in the history of Belarus -  union of Krevo, which initiated the beginning of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Krevoo castle was first mentioned in chronicles in the XIV century. It was one of the first castles in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Also Keystut Prince, one of the pretenders to the throne of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was suffocated. The castle had a defensive function. Today the castle is in poor condition. Instead of majestic buildings there are only ruins.
17.30 Departure for Minsk. (110 km.)
19.00 Return to Minsk.

Дополнительно оплачивается

Sightseeing excursion service Oshmiany-Goshany-Boruny-Krevo: from 50 Euros.
The Museum of Frantishek Bogushevich:
  • Excursions - 3 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro.
Excursion service in Golshany and Krevo: 50 Euro
Organization of transfer and catering if necessary.
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