Homesteads of Belarusian Poets

Homesteads of Belarusian Poets

Kushliany - Smorgon - Viazynka

The length of the route: 300 km
Duration: 9 hours

The memory of the Belarusian poets who glorified Belarus in their poems beyond the borders of our country, is preserved not only in their works but also in the objects of material culture. For example, their personal things, lifetime editions and even in houses, where the poets were born.

The tour program

09.00 Departure from Minsk. Transfer Minsk - Kushliany (130 km.)
11.30 Arrive in Kushliany. Walk on Kushliany - memorial estate, dedicated to Francis Bogushevich. Francis Bogushevich is known as one of the founders of the Belarusian literature. He was one of the first to began to write in the Belarusian language. Some researchers think that Bogushevich has formed Belarusian national idea. Preface to the book "Dudka Belaruskaya" can be considered as a national manifesto. The ensemble of the estate includes the main building, economic-type park, outbuildings, an arbor. Also the Mountain "Lysaya" attracts visitors. Once there existed a temple - a place where pagan rites were commited.
12.30 Transfer Kushliany - Smorgon (20 km).
13.00 Smorgon. First, the city belonged to Radzvills, which opened in Smorgon bears training school. Smorgon also known as the birthplace of bagels. During the War of 1812 in Smorgon Napoleon gave the command of the army and returned to Paris. But the biggest damage to the city caused the First World War. Near Smorgon were used first chemical weapons. During the the Second World War Smorgon was dest royed. Due to this fact sights in Smorgon hardly preserved. However, you should visit the historic-cultural museum in Smorgon, which tells the history of this city, and in 2014 was declared as the best regional museum.
15.00 transfer Smorgon - Viazynka (80 km.)
16.30 This village is famous for the fact that here was born a belarusian poet Yanka Kupala. The estate is divided into two parts: memorial and historical and literary. The memorial part of the house-museum reconstructs the interior of a peasant house of the end of the XIX century. In the house you will be able to see examples of antique furniture: dishes, children's stroller, a walker. In the second part of the exhibition are autobiographical materials, books, manuscripts, photos and even a pedigree of Lutsevich up to the XVII century, which has been restored by grandfather of the poet.
17.30 Departure for Minsk. (40 km.)
18.30 Return to Minsk.

Дополнительно оплачивается

Sightseeing excursion service in Smorgon: from 50 Euros.
The historic-cultural museum in Smorgon:
  • Excursions - 3 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro.
The Museum of Frantishek Bogushevich:
  • Excursions - 3 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro.
Excursion to the memorial estate of Yanka Kupala:
  • Excursions - 3 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro.
Organization of transfer on a shuttle bus / car and catering if necessary; 
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