Journey to the nature

Journey to the nature

Minsk - Postavy - Glubokoye - Udelo - Mosar - Sar'ya - Polotsk - The National Park "Berezinski" - Minsk

The length of the route: 670 km
Duration: 2 days/1 night
The first day 
08.00 Meeting with a guide
08.30-11.00 Transfer to Postavy (165 km)
11.00-11.40 Excursion to Postavy. It is a small town on the river Myadelka. The place is a unique because of natural monuments of national importance:  mountains, boulders and unique stones. Visiting Postavy, tourists will notice that the city is rich in ponds: two elegant ponds: Severnyi and Yuzhnyi,  lakes - Chernoye, Krugloye and Zadevskoe. There were a property of Tyzenhaus, the former building which still attracts visitors who have chosen holiday in Belarus.
11.40-12.30  Transfer Postavy - Glubokoye (59 km)
12.30-13.30 There are numerous architectural monuments, some of them dated from the 17th century. Magnificent examples of the Belarusian Baroque: Church of Carmine, where today is located the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, as well as the Trinity Church. The interior of the temple will also be very interesting for travelers, for example, in the Holy Trinity Catholic church perfectly preserved wooden altars of the 18th century. The central area of ​​the city has retained the appearance of buildings of 15-16 centuries, which gives an opportunity to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the past.
13.30-14.00 Transfer to Mosar (20 km)
14.00-14.40 Mosar is the next place of the tour. This village is known widely outside Belarus due to actions of the priest Bulka who turned  the village into Belarusian Versailles! Attractions of Mosar: a magnificent arboretum, a monument to the Pope and Temperance Museum. Jozef Bulka declared struggle against drunkenness in the village, which gave an excellent results - the locals brought to the museum hootch stills, in order to recover from alcohol addiction people from all spaces of the Soviet Union came to Bulka. Through the efforts of the priest, the former estate of Bzhestovski has become the center of tourism and prosperity.
14.40-16.30 Transfer to Sar'ya
16.30-17.30 The main attraction of Sar'ya is the park, which was founded at the beginning of the XIX century. It is a park of landscape park type with elements of a forest park. On the one hand, it is bounded by the ravine, occupies an oval area on both banks of the Sar'yanka river, which is spanned by a bridge. In the early 1800s Sar'ya park had about 100 different trees. Today remained the front stalls, artificial bulk hills, picturesque glades, alleys.  Native species of trees dominates, there are exotics.Also you can see the Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Sar'ya.
17.30-19.00 Transfer to Polotsk (90 km)
Check in the hotel. Overnight.
The second day
07.50-08.40 Breakfast
08.40-10.00 Transfer to The National Park "Berezinski"
10.00-11.00 Excursion to the Museum of Nature. Purchase of souvenirs. You will visit one of the best museums of the nature in Belarus. Here you will get acquainted with the variety of animals and birds that live in the park. You will plunge into the pristine beauty and richness of ponds and forests, flora and fauna of Belarus.
11.00-12.00 A visit to the House of environmental education with watching a movie about the park.
12.00-14.00 A fascinating walking tour "Po lesnoi zapovednoi trope"
Walking through the forest nature path of reserved area and listening to an interesting story, you will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the park, you will hear the singing of birds, admire from the tower panorama of extensive sphagnum bogs and get acquainted with its vegetation, you will see traces of animal waste, and possibly the inhabitants of reserved forests!
14.00-15.00 Excursion to the cages with wild animals "Lesnoi zoopark"
Big European five - bison, elk, bear, wolf trot - and more! The cages provide a unique opportunity to see a variety of the Belarusian forests inhabitants in conditions, close to their natural habitat.
15.00-16.30 riding in a horse carriage.
16.30-18.30 Return to Minsk

Дополнительно оплачивается

  • certified guide services (from 100 €);
  • entrance tickets to the Arboretum in Mosar -1 € per person;
  • accomodation in the hotel in Polotsk (from 20 €  per person/per night)
  • organization of transfer on a shuttle bus / car if necessary; 
  • catering;
  • souvenirs;
The National Park "Berezinski"
  • Entrance tickets to the museum of nature and cages with animals  - 3 € per person; 
  • Guide service in the museum of nature and cages with animals -25 €
  • Guide service in the House of environmental education - 9 €
  • Guide service on a walking tour "Po lesnoi zapovednoi tropel" - 18 €
  • riding in a horse carriage - 1 € per person for one round (4 person in carriage)

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