Ostrovets tour

Ostrovets tour

Minsk - Kushliany - Soly - Vorniany - Ostrovets - Mihalishki - Gerviaty - Minsk

The length of the route: 550 km
Duration: 7 hours

Sights: n the village Kushliany of Smorgon District  it is interesting to visit the museum of Belarusian writer Frantishek Bogushevich. Tour to the manor should be ordered in advance. Other points of the route are dedicated to religious subjects. In Soly you will see the church, built in a postmodern style, in Ostrovets you will see  the church, which appearance resembles the House of Culture. During Soviet days it was really converted into a house of culture. In this church there are many icons which are considered to be miraculous. In Vorniany stands out the church of St. George, and in Mihalishki there is the church of the Archangel Michael. And, perhaps,a pearl of the route - Church of the Holy Trinity in the village Gerviaty. If  we will be lucky, there we will be able to enjoy an organ concert.

Tour Kushliany - Soly - Ostrowets introduces the outstanding monuments of Western Belarus XVII-XX centuries. The countryside has a rich history, the names of the great figures who lived and worked in these scenic places.
Get-together the group. Transfer Minsk - Kushliany (130 km).
In Kushlyany you will visit the Museum of F.Bogushevich (10:00 - 17:00, days off Sun-Mon.) - a place where the family of well-known Belarusian poet Frantishek Bogushevich lived. The interiors of the writer's office and the living room are restored in the rooms of the house. On the estate alley of chestnut has a memory of the poet and stone-cache where Bogushevich wrote and hid his works in his native Belarusian language. Frantishek Bogushevich is known in the history of Belarus as a participant in the national liberation uprising of 1863, the poet, writer, lawyer and one of the founders of the Belarusian literature.
Transfer Kushliany - Soly (9 km).
In the village of Soly there is one of the most unusual and beautiful churches of Belarus - the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Temple is asymmetric and graceful, built in the Art Nouveau style, inside it is painted with beautiful murals.
Transfer Soly - Ostrovets (22 km).
There are valuable icons of XVIII-XIX centuries in the interior of the church of Kosma and Domian in Ostrovets., which you will not only be able to see but also to touch. The temple was built in the late XVII century in clay instead of the ancient church and the monastery of the Dominicans.
At the request of a group a lunch can be arranged on a rural homestead. In the summer you can have a picnic.
Transfer Ostrovets - Gerviaty (20 km).
During the tour you will also visit the Holy Trinity Church in Gerviaty. It is a monument of architecture of the late XIX - early XX centuries. The church impresses with its grandeur, scale, external and internal decoration, unique and well-maintained adjacent territory, among juniper forests and lawn of which there are sculpture of apostles.
Transfer Gerviaty - Vorniany (10 km).
On the tour in Vorniany you can see the St. George church in the Baroque style of Vilna and the architectural ensemble of Vorniany, urban planning monument of the second half of XVIII-early XIX century. The ensemble includes a beautiful park with a pond, stone house of pharmacist, 2 wooden outbuildings, church of the St. George. This place belonged to the noble family, it was firstly mentioned in 1492. During the tour you will see sights of Vorniany, will walk down quiet streets, visit the main shrine places.
Transfer Vorniany - Mihalishki (16 km).
The tour ends with visit of the Archangel St. Michael Church in Mihalishki, built on the left bank of the picturesque river Viliya.
The end of the excursion. Transfer Mihalishki - Minsk (189 km).

Дополнительно оплачивается

  • certified guide services - from 100 €;
  • entrance tickets to churches, palaces, museum of F.Bogushevich - 15 € per person;
  • organization of transfer on a shuttle bus / car if necessary; 
  • catering;
  • souvenirs.
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