Quest «Secret of the dark knight»

Quest «Secret of the dark knight»


children – 8-9 rub/persons; adults - 9-11 rub/people * 

* depending on an treat: without  treat / with  treat. 
The cost is calculated on a group of 40 people.  
The general duration of the program – is up to 110 min. Structure of animation group not less than 3 people.

В стоимость входит

In the program

1. Walking sightseeing tour «Gedimin's castle» (up to 40 minutes): around the castle and with visit of fighting gallery. 

2. Visit of the exposition «Weapon and armor of Grand Duchy of Lithuania» (to 10 minutes), on the castles territory.

3. Exposition «Maysternya Mistra» (to 20 minutes): the medieval room of tortures will acquaint with the exhibits.

4. Participation in medieval quest (up to 20 minutes): you will reveal the secret of the knight. Having passed tests and having solved all riddles, you find his prize diplomas. 

5. Medieval interactive games with tourists on specialized platforms – is'nt less than 4 platforms (up to 20 min.).

Дополнительно оплачивается

  • Buying of souvenirs.
  • Sightseeing tour around the Lida city (duration of 45 min., cost – 25 rub from group).
  • Fire show in the Lida castle (only in the evening).
  • Excursion in the Center of crafts with doll theater-batleykoy, clownish theater and animation programs of the COCA to HOUR project. Duration and cost – according to the reference (several programs). 
  • Visit of unique church in Small Mozheykovo (famous Murovanka). On the customer's transport, duration - 90 minutes. 
  • Organization of skating in the Ice palace. Session of 45 minutes. 
  • Excursion to the Neman glass-processing plant in Beryozovka – observation of glass production process, visit of the museum of glass (on the customer's transport, duration of 180 minutes). 
  • Organization of overnight stay for the night in the city: Kontinent hotel (class 3 ***), Ekvator and Lida hotels (tourist class). 
  • Catering services in the city. 
  • Organization of tasting of beer (under inquiry).
  • Organization of transport service. 
  • And other services of infrastructure of the city.

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Даты тура: 03.01.2019 - 05.01.2019

15 900

Дорогой замков

Количество дней: 1

Экскурсия каждый четверг!
Время сбора группы: 8:45 ул.Сторожевская, 15 (г-ца "Беларусь")

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