The necklace of lakes

The necklace of lakes

Minsk - Svir' - "Golubye ozera" - mount "Mayak" - Braslav - Minsk

The length of the route: 600 km
Duration: 16 hours

Route description

Svir' is the former residence of Prince of Golshany Dovmont. Neo-Baroque church in Svir.
Golubye ozera. On the border of Postavy and Myadel districts of Belarus, to the northwest of the lake Naroch, is the area that has long been called "Golubye ozera". On the map it looks like a large forest patch, in the midst of which there is a small blue spots of lakes. "Golubye ozera" such name got the national park. Currently, all conditions have been created in order to the unique beauty of these place became available to any lover of nature: in the natural complex is an ecological path, equipped with parking and tourist destinations. Very popular is bus and walking guided tour with a walk down the ecological path "Golubye ozera". Along this path there are signposts and information notices. On specially equipped recreation areas you can make a fire and barbecue. The length of the route is about 4 km. Route amidst a pine forest leads to the top of the hill ( "Lysaya Gora"), from which opens the picturesque panoramic landscape of forest and two lakes. Then the path leads steeply down on the wooden stairs to the place of rest "Lysaya Gora", which is located between lakes Glubelka and Glublya. Then eco-path leads out to the lake "Mertvoye". Enjoy the magic of the Belarusian nature! 
Mount Mayak. It offers stunning views of surroundings beauty: lakes with islands and tall towers of churches, fields and wooded hills ...
Braslav. Not only beautiful lakes of Braslav are extraordinar, but also the history of the city Braslav. To become better acquainted with the previous settlement, you need to climb to Zamkovaya Gora (ancient city). This place is a heart of ancient Braslav in the past and today. Walking along the ancient city to north-west, you can see the one-story wooden building. Irregular layout with winding streets and picturesquely "kamenitsy" give a special charm to this lake city. The city preserved examples of folk wooden architecture, as well as the characteristic ensemble building in the Art Nouveau style. Among of buildings stands out a fairly large, "П"-shaped building of red brick . This is a former rural hospital (1906.). Its history is closely connected with the doctor S.Narbut (1853 - 1926). Next to Zamkovaya Gora on a former street Velikaya church of the Nativity of Our Lady is located, built in 1824 of hewn granite boulders. The main altar is decorated with an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, revered by believers as the Lady of the lakes (in 2000 the church has become a sanctuary). In front of the church, at the former Market Square Orthodox Church of the Assumption (1897.) is located. You will visit the Museum Culture (3 exhibition halls) where there are expositions of weaving, basket weaving, weaving from straw, wood carving, pottery, woodworking.

 Approximate timing of the route

06.30 - Get-together the group in Minsk.
07.00 - Departure for Svir.
10.30 - Arrival in Svir. Visit to the church of St.. Nicholas (XVII century.), Lakes Svir.
11.00 - Departure in the direction of the reserve "Golubye Ozera".
11.30 - Tour along the ecological path "Golubye Ozera". Stop at the lake.
14.30 - Departure for the  Mount Mayak. On the way visit  to the spring "Okmennitsa".
16.30 - Visit to the observation deck "Gora Mayak".
17.00 - Departure for Braslav.
17.30 - Arrival in Braslav. Sightseeing tour: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's (XIX c.), the Assumption Church (XIX c.), Zamkovaya Gora (V - XVIII centuries.)
18.30 - Departure for Minsk.
23.00 - Arrival in Minsk.

Дополнительно оплачивается

  • certified guide services (from 100 €);
  • entrance tickets to the museum of culture (1 € per person);
  • excursion to an exhibition hall - 4 € per group of 20 person;
  • workshops (by masters) - 2 € per group;
  • workshops (yourself) - 12 € per group
  • organization of transfer on a shuttle bus / car if necessary; 
  • visit to the museum 9:00 – 18:00 (a day off - monday)
  • catering;
  • souvenirs.
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