The world of Belarusian towns

The world of Belarusian towns

Zaslavl - Rakov - Ivenets - Derzhinovo

The length of the route: 180 km
Duration: 6 hours


Old and cozy Zaslavl is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, it is more than 1000 years. Zaslavl associated with the names of many prominent people of Belarusian history - princess of Polotsk Rogneda, the Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir Svyatoslavich, Prince of Polotsk Izyaslav, prince of Polotsk Rogvolod. You will visit the ancient Zamchische, Zamechek, Mariinsky Church of the XVIII century and the Transfiguration Church (especially Calvinist church) of the XVI. You will visit the local history museum with its original exhibits. And you can feel the spirit of antiquity in the ethnographic corner, here a forge and a mill are located.  Having been a guest in the picturesque "Dom zavoznika" you will taste antique dishes and learn the ancient rites


Rakov is located about 35 kilometers away from Minsk. The first mention in the chronicles dates back to 1465, from 1579 the settlement received the status of town. Rakov belonged to a number of magnates families over time. For centuries people of different nationalities and religions lived here . Its history is really interesting. Writers, scientists, artists ... And in the thirties Rakov was even a kind of Belarusian capital of smugglers. Today in Rakov, which has 2.5 thousand inhabitants, there are three museums: local history in school, multi-ethnic culture museum in the home of the famous Belarusian literary, a head of the Belarusian State University department  and also editor and publisher of the newspaper "Rakovsky put'" Vyacheslav Ragoysha and art museum, which belongs to Yanushkevich family - father and his five sons.


Ivenets is known since the XIV century. as privately settlement of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas. Its development was due to the location on the road from Mensk to Vilnya, which had lost its importance after the construction of Vilna tract at the end of the XVIII century. Speaking about Ivenets it has long been known as one of the pottery centers of Belarus. The Museum of Traditional Culture is located in Ivenets. The museum has four craft workshops, weaving, pottery, wood processing workshop, blacksmithing. Here the visitor will be able to see the process of creating handicrafts and to participate.


At the end of our tour we will visit recently restored mansion of Dzerzhinsky in Derzhinovo. It is curious that a person, born in a conservative, Catholic family,became one of the leaders of the socialist revolution. His brother save about 200 people, he created a system, that later killed millions. We will think about history conflict in manor Derzhinovo.

Дополнительно оплачивается

Ethnographic complex "Mlyn" in Zaslavl:
  • excursions - 6 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro
Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl":
  • excursions - 6 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro
Art museum, Rakov:

up to 20 people - 70 euros

The museum of traditional culture in Ivenets:
  • excursions - 6 euros.
  • entrance tickets - 1 euro
Museum-Estate of F.Dzerzhinsky

Excursion service : from € 100
Organization of transfer on a shuttle bus / car and catering if necessary; 
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