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The farmstead "Narochanski uyt" is located in one of the most picturesque corners of Belarus, on the lake Naroch, which is located just 200 meters from the property.


It consists of 3 comfortable houses, where you can feel yourself in countryside and city life at the same time.

Описание номеров

The cottage "Pribrezhni" is located on the first line of the beach of the lake Naroch and has a beautiful view to the water and boathouse. There are Russian stove, fireplace and brick oven. You can use it to rest with friends or prepare something of belorussian dishes. For example, baked in the Russian stove lamb leg, black pudding (black pudding) or Christmas goose. There are heating and hot water. Comfortable kitchen with all facilities: tablewares, gas and electric range, fridge, microwaves, brazier, pavillion with brazier to make barbecue and fish soup. The hosts are followers of the Slow food. Fresh fish from Naroch, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fruits from the garden offer to the guests. Wood-fired sauna, boating, swimming in the lake, fishing, pick-up mushrooms and berries, cycling, billiards, horse riding are here. Phone, radio, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, DVD-player will help to the guests to rest with family and being on course of political situation, and have joy and fun. The sanatorium "Sosni" offers their services to the farmstead guests. The sanatorium is 3 kmm from the property. The guests can buy a cure (no less than 7 days, it is needed medical certificates). The capacity of the cottedge is 8 persons. The cottadge "Semeini" is 100 m from the "Pribrezhni" (capacity of 4 persons). The facilities are ths same, except blliards and Russian stove. The territory fully of trees and flowers creates homelike comfort. "Family" cottage , located 100 meters from the "Coastal", offers its services to 4 people. You will find almost all the same conditions for living and recreation, except for billiards and Russian oven. The unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being of the family creates a home atmosphere. The cottage "Sadovi" (capacity of 10 persons, extra 4 people) is located on the second line of the beach. There are bedrooms, hall with fireplace, 2 WC with shower cabin. Magnificent weddings, anniversary or corporate supper, family party, hunting or fishing can take place here.
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