Sanatorium Orlovskogo

санаторий Sanatorium Orlovskogo


Orlovskogo street, 2, Kirovsk, Mogilev region






Sanatorium Orlovskogo is located in the picturesque park on the site of the former gentry estate von Goyer on the outskirts of Kirovsk, Mogilev region. 
Forest Park (with pine, spruce, oak, larch, aspen, birch, poplar, willow and various decorative bushes) surrounds from the north, south and east. From the west - an artificial lake.
Sanatorium is located::
155 km away from Minsk, 88 km away from Mogilev, 20 km away from Bobruisk, in the Kirovsk.
Following way:  shuttle bus or minibus to Kirovsk depart every hour from railway station and bus  terminal in Bobruisk or Mogilev. From the bus terminal to the sanatorium (≈ 1 km) by taxi, bus, on foot. For visitors a shuttle service from the Mogilev, Bobruisk, Rogachev, Zhlobin. 
The sanatorium has a convenient entrances. Access roads are paved. There is a guarded free parking here. 
The area of the sanatorium is 29 hectares. The territory is fenced. 
The territory is guarded round the clock by security guard and with security cameras.

Лечебная база

  • balneal therapy represented by pearl, turpentine, pine, iodine bromine, valerian, whirlpool (vortex) and other baths; showers: Charcot, circular, ascending, underwater shower-massage;
  • mud treatment - baths and galvanic mud of sapropel muds (production place - Lake Sudobl, Minsk region), paraffin-ozokeritotherapy
  • dry carbonic bath
  • electric treatment – magnetic therapy, treatment by high-frequency currents, pulse currents, electrophoresis, darsonvalization, ultrasound therapy
  • pneumatic compression therapy
  • light therapy - Ultraviolet and Infrared Therapy, laser therapy (exposure to biologically active points, intravenous laser irradiation of blood), bioptron therapy
  • therapeutic massage - hand and mechanical massage
  • inhalation - medicinal and ultrasonic
  • halotherapy
  • aromatherapy
  • phytotherapy
  • oxygen cocktails
  • physiotherapy
  • mechanotherapy on simulators
  • healing procedures
  • two saunas including infrared.
  • therapeutic dental care (sealing, unsealing, restoration).


The main building was put into operation in 1984 on a standard project. he reconstruction carried out in 2010. Sleeping block is located on the second and third floors. The lobby and all rooms have high-speed internet.  Medical base is located on the first and second floors of the main building and in the second building. 

On the first floor of the main building there are following offices: 

  • dental office;
  • inhalatorium;
  • emergency room;
  • massage room;
  • hydropathical offices;
  • physiotherapy;
  • juice bar;
  • dry carbon dioxide baths;
  • pool;
  • sauna and an infrared sauna;
  • barbershop;
  • billiard room.
On the second floor of the main building there are following offices: 
  • physiotherapy room
  • two therapeutic medical office;
  • massage room;
  • head nurse office;
  • gallotherapy office;
  • gym (mechanotherapy room);
  • cosmetology room.
The second building has a mud bath, aromatherapy room, electrosleep office, club. There are 2 wells of mineral water on the territory of the sanatorium:
№1 – sulphate-chloride, magnesium-calcium-sodium, highly mineralized mineral water. Type of use - balneal therapy. 
№2 –sulphate magnesium-calcium, low-mineralized mineral water. Type of use - medical and drinking.
Well-room is located in the separate building on the territory of sanatorium.
Sanatorium territory is well-attended. Conifers (pine, spruce), deciduous trees (willow, oak, chestnut), fruit trees (apricot), various bushes are planted here. Also here are flowerbeds, lawns, alpine gardens, rose garden, fountain and numerous decorative figures.
The lake with the sandy beach. In 2016 was cleaning of the lake and the coastal zone. Was installed changing rooms, sun beds, deck chairs, summerhouses. Also there is a dock here.
There are a sports playground, mini-football field with a running track, volleyball court, badminton court, children's playground on the territory.
There are 2 terrenkurs on the territory of the park. Also here are  benches, recreation area, barbecue, campfire
The territory and the buildings adapted for accommodation of persons with disabilities.


Dietary food.
Meels schedule:

  • Breakfast: 08:30 - 09:00;
  • Lunch: 11:00 - 11:15;
  • Dinner: 13:00 - 14:00;
  • Afternoon snack: 16:00 - 16:30;
  • Dinner: 18:30 - 19:15;
  • Second dinner (kefir): 21:00 - 21:15.

Dinning room of the sanatorium is located in the main building, where meals are organized 5 times per day by customized menu according to the sanatory norms and rules. The sanatorium is designed prospective two-week customized menu. Diet food is organized on 4 forms of diets. On Friday the day of Belarusian cuisin are held. Specialties are included in menu.

Banquet menu is developed.

Radioprotectors are present in the menu: prunes, nuts, raisins, dried apricots,  sea cabbage, sea fish; food with pectin: apples, citrus fruits, beet, juices with pulp, marshmallows, milk products: kefir, yogurt.

Visitor's meals are schedule in one session.

Описание номеров

  • Suit with 1 room for 1 person (TV (ZALA TV with 30 channels), safe, fridge, internal telephone, hair dryer, kettle, air conditioning, mini-bar, toilet, shower);
  • 1 room studio for 2 persons (TV (ZALA TV with 30 channels), safe, fridge, internal telephone, hair dryer, kettle, air conditioning, mini-bar, toilet, shower);
  • Double room appartments for 2 persons  (TV (ZALA TV with 30 channels), safe, fridge, internal telephone, hair dryer, kettle, air conditioning, mini-bar, toilet, shower);
  • Double connected room (TV (ZALA TV with 30 channels), safe, internal telephone, fridge, bathroom and toilet separated, shower in block).
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