Republican biological reserve "Sporovsky"

Republican biological reserve "Sporovsky"

The Sporovsky reserve was the first territory in Belarus, which received international protection status Ramsar sites!

Address: Pushkina str., 23B, Bereza, Berezovsky district, Brest region.

Located on the territory of Berezovsky, Drogichin, Ivanovo and Ivatsevichi district of Brest region and occupies an area 19384 hectares. 
Biological reserve is the largest array of low-lying wetland located in the floodplain of the Yaselda, which is unique in area and natural preservation for the Central part of Europe. On the territory of the preserve "Sporovsky" is also the same lake.
Sporovsky's swamps has come down to us virtually intact, allowing it to maintain many endangered species of plants, animals and birds, including aquatic Warbler is the rarest songbird of Europe.

The flora of the reserve is very diverse - more than 600 species of vascular plants, representing about 35% grown in the country, 20 species listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus.

Also the nature reserve is rich and diverse in its fauna. Reserve "Sporovsky" is the area important for birds. Only its limits are marked 123 species of breeding birds, 32 of which are listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus.

In addition, the reserve is inhabited:

  • 25 species of mammals (excluding small rodents and bats);
  • 6 species of reptiles;
  • 8 species of amphibians;
  • 34 species of fish;
  • more than 245 species of insects.
The most numerous of the reptiles are lizards of the sand and viviparous, grass snake. Found bog turtle and copperhead – protected species.
Among the amphibians the most typical moor and grass frogs, and found a rare natterjack toad, which is listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus. 
Of the fish species are pike, roach, tench, bream, crucian carp, bream, perch, channel catfish meet, three-spined stickleback, nine-spined stickleback and others, rare – lamprey river.
Of mammals in the reserve are inhabited by elk, european roe deer, red deer, wild boar, raccoon dog, polecat, ermine, both species of marten – stone and forest, fox, hare, american mink, beaver, muskrat, otter, wolf, and others. Protected species badger.

  • organization of ecological tourism;
  • organize different kinds of excursions (hiking, cycling, water mixed routes), including sightseeing and specialized tours depending on the preferences of tourists;
  • organization of foreign hunting tours;
  • organization rest on organic nature in the form of tours of day off.
  • horse-riding trips, as the carts and riding;
  • boat rental (rowing and motor), bicycle, tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags);
  • rental of pavilions;
  • the services of a guide;
For tourists developed special tourist routes:
  • Ecological trail "At the edge of the aquatic Warbler".
  • Water. "The Yaselda river".
  • Hiking. "Unique lake Sporovsky".
  • Combo. "Palesskaya heritage".
  • Cycling. Vyisokoe village - Mostiki village - Staromlyny - Beloe(White) lake - Vyisokoe village. 

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